Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


7. "I'm not being a jerk. I'm being realistic."

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~ Abbigail

I feel my phone vibrate and I ignore it as I wrap my arms around my body to keep myself a little warm from my soaked clothes.

My phone goes off again and I groan as I fish it out of my pocket, glaring at it as I press it to my ear.

"What?" I snap in it as I sit down on a bench.

"Hey you okay?" I hear someone ask on the other end.

"Just peachy." I sneer sarcastically.

He sighs. "Where are you?"

I look around, noticing I'm at the old park.

"Replay park." I say blankly before hanging up.

I put my phone back in my pocket as I run my hands through my hair as my elbows are on my knees.

Why did I tell him where I am? Oh yeah, because he sounded like he actually cared.

I get up and keep walking and I stumble across the old swing set.

I park my butt on one and drag my feet in the dirt with my soaked convers, getting more dirty then I was before.

I feel someone lightly push me on the swing and I tense and look back to see Michael smiling at me.

I smile back as he pushes me again. I go crooked and I laugh.

"Holy shit! Stop!" I say laughing as he laughs to.

He grabs the swing and I come to a stop thankfully but were both still laughing.

It's starts to rain again and I blink looking up at the grey sky. "It's going to storm really bad."

"Yeah. That's why we should go before it hits us." Michael says grabbing my arm and pulling me towards a black car.

I hop in and frown at the thought of seeing Luke again.

"Hey, don't look so down. Yeah I know Luke's an asshat but I promise he's not actually like that. We've got no idea why he acted like he did." Michael says driving, never taking his eyes off the road.

I shrug looking out the window as the world passes me by.

He sighs after a few minutes. "Almost there."

Where are we going anyway?

I don't bother talking anymore as I just sit and wait to find out my destination.

"Wanna listen to some music?" He asks me. I shrug.

He turns the radio on and Habits is on and I smile softly to myself.

We pull up to a big house- or flat, whatever they all it. He parks the car but doesn't make a move to get out.

He looks over at me and gives me a soft smile and I look down and play with my fingers.

He gets out and walks over, opening the door for me, even though I haven't moved at all.

"C'mon." He says. I take my seatbelt off and he grabs my hand and pulls me out.

He shuts the door behind me and puts his hand on the small of my back leading me up to the door.

"Mikey wait." I say before we get to the door. He turns to me.

"You called me Mikey." He says with a wide smile.

I roll my eyes. "Yeah. I did. Anyway I don't think I can face Luke again so soon without wanting to either cry or rip his head off." I tell him.

He chuckles. "It's okay I always want to rip his head off." He says leading me to the door again.

He opens it and we go in, me following behind him keeping my head down.

"Honey I'm home!" Michael yells as he walks into the living room.

"Your lives just got better bitches." He says as he plops down on the couch, I sit beside him.

"I ain't your honey or your bitch!" I hear Ashton yell. I chuckle quietly.

"Oh right. Gotta call Joy and tell her your okay." Michael says getting his phone out and types in her number then holds it up to his ear.

"Yeah hey Joy........ Yeah I've got her.......... She's fine..... I feel like you had little faith in me....... Wow thank's....... Whatever, just letting you know she's fine....... Okay bye." He says then turns to me. "She said she's glad your okay."

I nod my head and pull my knees up to my chest. Where's the other boys? Heard Ashton but that doesn't mean I know where he is....

Just as I think that, him and Calum come running down the stairs laughing and trying to shove each other.

They stop once they see me. "Thorn, are you okay?" Ashton asks running over to me along with Calum.

I slowly nod my head. "What happened?" Calum's asks.

I look down and michael sighs.

I look to see Michael about to say something but gets cut off.

"Hey do you- what's that thing doing here?" The most moronic, self centred, ass eating, fucking jerk of a person says.

I glare at him as he glares back.

"Don't have to be an ass Luke." Calum says rolling his eyes while Ashton crosses his arms and narrows his eyes at him.

"I'm not being an ass. Don't know what your talking about Calum. Oh and no animals aloud on the couch." He sneers at me and I bite my lip to keep from saying something I'll regret later on.

"Why are you acting like this?" Ashton asks throwing his hands up.

Luke a gaze sweeps over to him. "Acting like what?"

"A jerk. Your not usually like this, only with her. Why?" Ashton explains to him making Luke roll his eyes.

"I'm not being a jerk. I'm being realistic, a freak should be treated like one." He says shrugging his shoulders like what he said was no big deal.

I get up, walk over to him with a hard glare set on my face and I smack him.

He cradles his cheek and stares at me with his mouth agape. "What the actual fuck? Why did you slap me?!"

"Oh I don't know, maybe because you asked for it by acting like a fucking asshole. Don't know just a thought." I snap with a sarcastic smile.

His face goes red an he raises his hand, to quick for anyone to do anything and the palm of his hand comes in contact with my cheek, I fall, as my head goes to the side, I hold my cheek with wide eyes. I look at him shocked.

I look to see Calum, Ashton and Michael all looking at him shocked to.

"You hit me." I mumble slowly back away from him while I'm on the ground.

He blinks a couple times and shakes his head while I wince as I put pressure on my cheek.

"What the fuck Luke." Ashton says rushing over to me.

"I-I didn't mean to- I swear, it just- it just happened out of the blue!" Luke says biting his lip with wide eyes.

"You didn't mean to? You didn't mean to!? What the fuck? If you didn't mean to then why did you do it in the first place?!" Calum says throwing is hands up, making me flinch back a little thinking I'm gonna get hit again.

Luke groans throwing his head back, "Look I didn't mean to, as much as she pisses me off I wouldn't hurt her, that's just to far." He says.

Michael looks at me and frowns. "Hey let's go check that out, kay?"

I nod my head as he leads me to the washroom and picks me up, setting me on the counter.

He grabs some stuff out and brushes a piece of my hair out of my face. "You have really pretty eyes." He mumbles making me blush.

I look down and bite my lip.

"Shit I said that out loud didn't I?" He says chuckling going bright red while I nod my head. "Well I only speak the truth, and the truth is Luke's an asshole. Why would he go so far has to hitting you? Why does he hate you so much? Like what's there to hate? I find you amazing and very interesting, and just all in all beautiful." He says while putting hair behind my ear.

"Thanks." I say.

"Your welcome, now lets get you fixed up as much as we can. Even if it is just a bruise." He says and I smile softly.

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