Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


2. French

Class finally ends and Ripley and me leave the class room as we depart ways and I go to French. But first I have to go to my locker switch book and walk to French and people back out of my way and go silent as I walk to class. I don't give to shits at the moment.

I walk into French and take my seat by the window. We have assigned seats witch sucks ass.

A couple minutes everyone piles in and take there seats. Koda, a guy who's also in my geography class sits behind me and a guy named Jake sits in front of me and then beside me in the next row is Alex and in front of him is Austin and behind Alex is a girl named Lilly.

"Bonjour! Ça ma ça va Koda?" Mrs. Burns asks Koda with a small smile. Mrs. Burns is one of my favourite teachers. She has short blonde hair and pretty green eyes. She's only 26 and got married 4 months ago. She told us.

"Ca va bien." Koda says playing with his paper. I roll my eyes.

"Nick, adore resteront rapide?" She asks.

"Um. Non." Nick says an the teacher nods her head.

"Okay. Go to the last page in your adverbs." She tell us walking up to the smart board.

We all go to the last page and she tells us the verb were doin is vouloir.

After that verb we go into the last one (thank god!), it's pouvoir. We do it then she hands out a new vocabulary sheet.

I suck ass at French but surprisingly I'm getting an 85% in this class. I am happy if I at least pass it.

We go over it and I almost fall asleep doing so. Then she makes us work on some sheets of paper and crap.

When the bell rings, I get up out of my desk and thank The Lord that schools finally over.

I go to my locker and out all my stuff in my bag and I out in my beanie and coat and I lock my locker back up as I head out and wait for the bus.

After a couple minutes, the bus comes and we all pile on. I sit in the same spot I did this morning as I put my headphones in my ears and listen to Talk Dirty By Jason Derulo (AAHAHA!! This song just came on the radio as I wrote the title of it down.... Happens all the time but I still laugh....). It's a really good song.

I feel someone sitting next to me and Hunter pulls one of my ear buds out of my ear making me glare at him.

"Heard what happened in English. Is it true? Did you stand up to Scarlet?" He asks turnin to face me completely. I shrug my shoulders, not bothering to answer him. I've talk enough today to last a life time.

"C'mon Thorn. Talk to me. I wanna know." He says to me putting his hands together in a pleading form. God guys are getting on my nerves today.

I finally sigh, giving in and turning to him, pausing my music.

"Yes. I stood up to her, did I slap her also? Yes. Did I tell her to close her trampy mouth and her legs? Yes I did all of that." I snap at him and I look out the window as we drive threw town.

"Holy shit. Everyone was talking about it during French. I kept getting messages asking if it was true and people all around me asking. Thanks for clearing that up for me Thorn." Hunter says, puttin his arm around my shoulders. I shrug him off as he just laughs. Hunter has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He's also taller then me. Just, not as tall as Caleb. Or as cute.

The bus comes to a stop and I get off and walk to my house. I walk in and take a water from the fridge as I walk up to my room. I put my backpack down and flop on my bed, face first.

I get up and get my laptop and turn it on. I tap my fingers to a random tune that's stuck in my head as I wait for it to load. When it's done loading, I open YouTube and put on Becky G's remix of Kesha's Die Young. It's really amazing.

After listening to music for hours on end, my mom walks in. I turn my music down and face her. That's when I notice that she has food. My mouth starts to water and I take the food from her, setting it down on my desk.

"Thanks mom." I tell her taking a bite out of my grilled cheese. Yum. Usually she would have left me alone by now, but instead she sits on my bed facing me. Uh oh. Now what.

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it! Wait. What didn't I do?" I tell her throwing my hands up. She rolls her eyes and chuckles at me.

"It's nothing bad. I just think...... Well. Your almost 18 Thorn. It's time for you to get a job. I don't care what kind of job you get, just get one that gives you some money so you can put it away so you have at least some money to by your own house when you move out. But I rather not have a prostitute as a daughter." My mom tells me and my eyes go wide.

"Who would want a 17 year old teenage girl??" I ask her still trying to wrap my brain around what she just told me. I do understand most of it, I'm just not sure I want to understand all of it.

"Lots of people. Well. What do you like to do in your free time?" My own mom asks her only daughter. Get where I'm going with this?

"I like to take pictures?" I say but it kinda comes out as a question from a dumby. Oh my bad! I meant a clueless dumby. Silly me.

"Oh! Your cousin Joy, she takes pictures of famous people for her job! She does photo shoots and stuff like that. I'm sure she'll let you come work with her. I'll go call her right now!" My mom says clapping her hands as she runs out the door, leaving me speechless and a little bit shocked. She really wants me to move out soon, doesn't she. Ugh.

"Thorn! Joy says you can! You'll start tomorrow right after school! She's going to pick you up so don't ride the bus home!" My mom yells from the living room.

Great. I get to go work for my free time. This is gonna suck royal monkey balls. I can already see it.

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