Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


4. Don't Answer That.

"Ah you stupid fucking pig! Why won't you fucking die already?!" I shout at my phone trying so hard to kill the damn pig on angry birds.

"Whoa, what did that phone ever do to you?" Joy asks walking over to me laughing. I glare at her then my gaze goes back to my phone.

"I've been stuck on this damn level for over a month now!" I snap, going back to flinging my yellow bird.

It hit the last pig and I jump up. "Hell yes! It's about time!"

"Calm da hell down. Your going to scare away our next customers." She says hitting me on my arm. I make faces at her as she walks away.

"Sorry were a little late. You can blame the two morons who wanted food so badly, that they couldn't have waited." A person with an accent says. Who da fuck?

"Hey! When I'm hungry, I'm hungry and I want food." Another voice adds defensive. I roll my eyes. Great, immature boys. Can't they be like Channing? A grown man?


"Boys calm down. I do not want you to break anything this time. Got it?" Joy say glaring at who ever is here.

"We won't break anything this time." A new voice says. So there's three of them?

"You better not. And plus I have help this time." Joy says and I can hear her smug smile in her voice. Thanks Joy.

"Thorn. Get your ass over here and meet our last and the most obnoxious guys ever." She says and stand up and walk over to her.

Oh they all look to be around my age. Even better.

"Hey! We're not that bad!" A guy with curly hair says. He looks at me smiles at me showing............ Holy mother of Peter Pan deep dimples!!

"You broke my one camera that cost over five hundred dolars." She glares at him and he shrugs his shoulders at her

"What ever Joy! You love us!" A blonde one says grinning at her. He has dimples to!!

"What ever idiots. Anyway. Lads, this is Thorn. She'll be working with me from now on till she gets a better job." Joy say smirking at me. I roll my eyes and scoff, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Hi! I'm Ashton." The super deep dimples tell me smiling really big at me. I give him a weary smile.

"I'm Calum." An Asian looking guy tell me and just as if he's reading my mind he goes, "No. I'm not Asian. I'm Kiwi and Scottish. Get it right."

I laugh and shake my head.

"And I'm Michael." A guy with a nice shade of purple hair says to me giving me a small smile. I return it.

"And this- Where the fuck did he go now?" Ashton says looking around for someone. I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. There's more?

"He was just here. Where the hell could he go in like, two minutes?" Calum says joining Ashton in looking and Michael soon joins in.

"Sorry. I forgot my phone in the car." A blonde guy jogs up to us and his gaze shifts over to me. Ohhh he has dimples to!! I'm sorry, I just love dimples.

"Dumbass, this Thorn. Joys new helper till she can find a better job." Michael says motioning to me.

My glowy eyes meet Dumbasses nice blue ones and we lock eyes. After a moment I look away and bite my lip. Damn he's good looking.

"Hi. I'm Luke." He says his gaze still fixed on me. I look at him again and he gives me a soft smile that just starts to show his dimples. There not as deep as Ashton's but there still dimples!!!!

Focus Thorn. He just a super cute teenage boy. Wow. That's not what I meant to say at all. To late now.

"Thorn." I say nodding slightly to him. I feel another pair of eyes in me and I look to see Ashton, looking at me with curiosity. I make a face at him and he burst out laughing.

"Didn't your parents ever tell you it's not nice to stare at people?" I playfully glare at him and put my hands on my hips. The other boys snicker quietly and Ashton's eyes go wide.

"Okay boys! You have pictures to take then, you can fool around with Thorn." Joy says then makes a face all the boys burst out laughing.

"Great. Your just going to hand me over to a bunch of hormonal teenage boys who could rape me in my sleep?" I ask fake gasping and it makes he boys laugh harder.

"It's not rape if you like it." Ashton winks at me and I feel my whole body heat up. Damn god what the hellokitty.

"Well it's most certainly going to be rape. Trust me on that one." I tell him walking over and patting him in his cheek and the boys all make 'ohh' sounds and I just give Ashton my most innocent smile.

"No but seriously, get your asses over here and pose or I'll glue you to the roof." Joy snaps at them. They all calm down and do what she says.

"Wait. Would you have enough glue to actually do that to us?" Luke asks. Michael face palms and Ashton and Calum snicker at him. I roll my eyes. Really? Are you seriously that dumb?

Know what? Don't answer that.

"You wanna find out pretty boy?" Joy sneers and Luke automatically backs off and poses with the others.

I do the same thing I did for Jen and Channing. Get there clothes and make sure the snack table is full because apparently, Luke can eat.

Yeah, I'm a weirdo even more because I've never heard of them before.

Like yes, I've heard a person or two mention 5 Seconds Of Summer before by I never really payed attention. Now I kinda wish I did.

After they finish with there last picture Joy leaves to do god knows what. She probably did it on purpose so I'm alone with these idiots.

We walk over and all sit on the furniture.

"I like your hair. Where'd you get it done and who did it? They did an amazing job covering up whatever your natural hair colour is." Michael says putting a piece of my purple hair between his fingers and studying it.

"Actually I didn't get it done." I tell them honestly. They all give me a confuse face just like many other people have.

"What do you mean? Were you born with it or something?" Calum asks chuckling after but once he notices I'm not laughing he stops and scratches his neck awkwardly.

"Wait. You were actually born with it being purple?" Ashton says moving closer to me. I smile nodding my head.

"What? That's so cool. That would be amazing. But, I'd get so bored of the same colour so quickly though." Michael says sighing, leaning back in the couch and drapes his arm around the back AKA my shoulders because I'm also leaning against the back.

"Well it's a good thing that purples my favourite colour." I grin at them and they all chuckle.

"So how old are you Thorn?" Calum asks changing the subject from my hair.

"17. You guys?" I ask and they all look at me like I'm crazy. Witch might be possible....... Yeah never know....... Sleep with one eye open tonight my fellow pears.......

"You don't know how old we are?" Luke blurts out randomly. Right, there famous and I have no fucking clue who they actually are. Lovely.

"Nope. I don't know who you guys are actually. I only know you as what I've found out today. No offence or anything." I say giving them all apologetic smiles. Don't mean to sound like a bitch or anything.

"Do you at least know our last names?" Michael asks looking at me wide eyed. I slowly shake my head feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Wow. Okay. Well, I'm Michael Clifford. Yes, it's like the big red dog from ages ago." Mike says sighing and I burst out laughing. I laugh so much that I fell on my side, laying on Ashton who looks at me with an amused expression..

"I'm sorry. Just, Clifford? Out of all names, it's Clifford? Oh you poor, poor boy." I say then I burst out laughing again. He groans throwing his head back and I laugh even harder.

After I finally calmed down somewhat, they continue.

"I'm Ashton Iwrin. An my last name has nothing to do with a big red dog." Ashton smirks at Michael who shoots daggers at him and I bite my lip to keep from laughing. Again.

"And I'm Calum Hood." Cal says and nod my head showing him that I'm paying attention even though both boys on either side of me are quietly arguing over there last names behind me.

"And here is our wittle Lukey Hemming's." Cal says to Luke in a baby voice and I snicker as Luke makes a face that shows he doesn't like that one bit. It's actually really funny, that face he makes. Oh wait, that's just his normal face. My bad.

"And you are?" Ashton says smirking at me this time. Guess him and Michael are done arguing over something so stupid like, oh I don't know. There damn last names?!

"Oh. Right. I'm Thorn Freak." I say and slightly bow in my seated position. Let my just tell you, it failed miserably.

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