Falling For You

Niall and Hazel been best friend since they were little, what will happen when one of them catches feelings? Will gossip go around since Niall is popular?

"The cheerleaders were whispering and everyone else was. I was pretty fucking pissed so I turned my heel and faced Niall"


4. Zero

Hazels POV

I waved Augustus bye, while Selena came in side.

"Everyone this is Selena."

"Hi!" Harry and Destiny said at the same time.

"Well we are going up stairs so have fun!"

I grabbed her and went upstairs to Niall's room.

 "So you and Augustus?"

"Yup were a thing, how bout you a Niall gurl!"

I sighed "Not really."


"Yeah I know, its crazy."

 Selena's phone went off. "My mom texted me, I have to go. I just go here to!! God dammit mom!"

I laughed while going down the stairs with her. I hugged her and she left.



"Everyone gone yet?"

"Yeah everyone is gone."

"Yeah, now to throw on my sweat pants and my Once Upon A Time t-shirt!!" I ran up stairs and threw off everything I had on and put on my lazy clothes. I put my hair into a messy bun and went down stairs.

"Well look at you." He chuckled

"Don't I look like a model." I put my hand on my hips

"Yes you do." 

He came closer and wrapped his arms around me. I put my hands on his face and kissed him. He pulled back and said, "Jump." I jumped at he put his hands on my ass and went up stairs while kissing.

We walked into his room and he threw me on to his bed. He went into the night stand to get a condom. "Niall, I'm a virgin." He smirked. "Me too, I guess it's our first time." I gasped  "Hey just cause i'm popular doesn't mean I get it every second."

He put on the condom and got on top of me. He started kissing my neck and took my shirt off. He kissed and sucked on my stomach leaving love bites, when he reached my pants his played with the string on my sweat pants then looked at me. I nodded. He took my pants off and his pants off too. He was naked and I was too. He ripped my underwear off and started to lick me, I moaned his name. He stopped and put his length in me, he got confused a bit but he got it. He started slowly since he was a bit big and I was tight. "Niall go a bit faster." He went faster and harder, me and him moaned real loud. He came inside and outside. "Niall you got some on me?" "I have a condom on though, did it break." I sighed. "Maybe it came out through the side. I hope it did.

He got up and threw it away. I laid down on the bed and put my head on Nialls chest. "That wasn't bad, I bet you watch it online." He chuckles and then turns red. I slap his chest. "NIALL EWWW!!" He kissed my forehead and I fall asleep in Niall Horan's arms, I feel like a fucking princess.


I yawn and get up. Niall isn't in bed, I put my clothes back on and head downstairs.

"Blondie!" I yelled

I get no response. I guess he left. 

I walked to the kitchen and got a bowl of Coco Pebbles.

I stuffed my face with cereal then Niall came behind me. 

"Hey beauty." 

"Hey, where were you?"

"Just with my brother and went to the shop and got you a pregnancy test in case."

I sighed and got up. "Give me it."

He gave me it and I went up stairs to the bathroom.

- - -

I went to downstairs and Niall stood there at the bottom.

"Nothing, zero."

I jumped into his arms.

"Hazel, I know this is a bit random but do you wanna be my girl?"

"Why wouldn't I?" I kissed him.



I hope you liked this chapter.


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