Falling For You

Niall and Hazel been best friend since they were little, what will happen when one of them catches feelings? Will gossip go around since Niall is popular?

"The cheerleaders were whispering and everyone else was. I was pretty fucking pissed so I turned my heel and faced Niall"


3. Never told.

Hazels POV

"Hey Hazel wake up, its Saturday!!" Niall shook me

"Okay." I groaned

"Come on get up one of my lads is coming over!" Niall clapped his hands.

"Who?" I questioned

"Harry, Harry Styles."

"Oh I knew him while I was in New York."

"Anyways GET UP HAZEL!!" He pushed me off the bed.


I stood up and looked at Niall. "I have no clothes, lets go to my house!"

I threw my vans on and ran into the front seat of his car, "And Niall my car is still at the school, so first the school." He smiled at drove to school.

_ _ _ _ _ _

I got out his car and got into mine.


Once we got to my house, I parked my car in my garage, and Niall parked his outside the gate.


My mom ran and hugged me, "Where were you boo bear?" I looked behind then at my mom, "Oh hello Niall, your parents told me that they're on a trip. You staying with him Hazel??" I nodded

I ran upstairs into my room, Niall followed me. I took just a lot of random shit and stuff.

I went downstairs. Kissed my mom and dad bye and went to Nialls!!

-- - - - - - - - - 

I threw on a bleached denim button up with a white t-shirt, some black skinnys, and combat boots plus a beanie and some sunglasses.

I went down stairs to see Harry! 


"Umm hi, who are you?" I guess he has forgotten

"Its Hazel we met in NY."

"Oh hey gurll!"

I smiled and then saw this girl next to him with brown eyes and perfect hair, she is fucking beautiful.

"Hi, I'm Hazel, and you are?"

"Destiny." She gave me a smile

"Well its nice to meet you, are two together?"

"Uh yeah." 

I smiled and walked away while Niall, Harry, and Destiny bonded.

 I called Selena, " Hey come to Niall's house."

"Your with Niall!!!" She screamed over the phone, I guess were friends me and Niall, I dont know....

"Yes now come here!"

- - - -  -  - - -- - 

The door bell rang," Who's that?" Niall asked. 

"Just Selena."

 I opened the door to see her hold hands with Augustus. I never get told about anything, do i.


This was a quick chapter hope you like it! __Zäÿümm__Bäë__  Plays Destiny, and I tried my best trying to find Destiny's character picture.

Hope you like this chapterrrr!

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