Falling For You

Niall and Hazel been best friend since they were little, what will happen when one of them catches feelings? Will gossip go around since Niall is popular?

"The cheerleaders were whispering and everyone else was. I was pretty fucking pissed so I turned my heel and faced Niall"


5. Hate

Hazels POV

"Niall please give me it!" I wrestled Niall's strong arm that's holding me back


I gave him puppy dog eyes

He sighed "Fine here is your phone. Next time pay attention to what I'm saying to you."


I went back to texting Harry then locked my phone

I sat on Niall's lap, "Hey since tomorrow I have to go, will I keep seeing you?"

"Tomorrow? My parents called me saying 2 more months, if you were listening."

"Oh my bad, okay but I need to go to school today so get off your lazy ass and lets get ready."

I got up and ran to Niall's room and threw on his gray jumper, black jeans, gray converse and my black beanie. I grab my school bag and run down stairs.

"Niall lets go!!"

He runs downstairs, and grabs his keys.

"Lets go."

He grabs my hand and walks me to his car.

* at school *

I get the car and so does Niall. He walks around and grabs my hand again, everyone was looking at us but I honestly didn't really care.

The cheerleaders were whispering and everyone else was. I was pretty fucking pissed so I turned my heel and faced Niall, I kissed him in front of everyone.

*after school*

I went home instead of being with Niall. I ran to my room and went on my laptop. I went on my facebook to put my relationship to taken but all I see on my timeline is hate and means things, same on my twitter. I start to cry. No one has every called me a 'bitch', 'whore' or a 'fake ass girl' like this is fucking going to make me go mad. I shut my laptop.

I run to my phone and call Niall.

"Niall?" I sniffle

"Yeah, i'm here. Whats wrong?"

"People just keep hating."

"Just ignore it, go to sleep okay."

"Okay bye."

I hang up and start to call Harry.

"Harry, its Hazel."

"Oh hey Hazel. Whats up."

"Can you come over?"

"Sure, i'll be right over."

I put my phone down and walk of to my mirror. My make-up is all messed up. I go to my bathroom and wash my face.

After washing my face the doorbell rings. "I GOT IT MOM!"

I run down stairs and open the door.

"Hey Harry."

"Hey so you wanna hang out of what!"

He runs inside a jumps onto the couch.

"You have video games?"

"Of course!"

I run over and turn on the Playstation. I put on Black Ops.

"I'm going to kick your butt!" 

I throw a remote at him and sit down.

*after a while*

"You want some ice cream?"

"I freaking love ice cream."

"Well to bad I don't have any. Now leave i'm tired!!" I tried to pull him off the couch

"Okay okay."

I walked him to the door.

"Bye Hazel."

"Bye say hi to Destiny for me." I shout 

"Okay." He shouts back.

I shut the door and run up the stairs to my room. I take my book and read to sleep.

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