Falling For You

Niall and Hazel been best friend since they were little, what will happen when one of them catches feelings? Will gossip go around since Niall is popular?

"The cheerleaders were whispering and everyone else was. I was pretty fucking pissed so I turned my heel and faced Niall"


2. Crush

Hazels POV

I look down at my outfit. My 'All I Care About Pizza' crewneck, skinny jeans and some teal vans. 

I grab my bag and yell "BYE MOM!" I run out and into my Defender and speed to school (car)

*at school*

I walk in the hallway and see Augustus!! My guy best best bestfriend, I run up to him and give him the most biggest hug in the world and then kiss his cheek!

"WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE!" I whisper yelled so no one would looks at us.

"I moved here!" He smiles

"Cool, well i'll see you around." I hug him and walk to Nialls locker. I lean on the one next to it. 

"Hey lucky charm."

"Hey sweet cheeks." He chuckles

"You up for lunch again but lets go get In and Out Burger!" I cheer

"Yeah why not, now lets get to class."

He closes his locker and puts his arm around my shoulder and we walk into class 

*after class*

Art class is next, I freaking love this class. Art is my thing along with singing! I sit next to Augustus. 

"Okay class since we didn't have art yesterday and a sub wouldn't come in, today we are going to do something more free, I want you to draw something or someone that matters to you. It can be more than one thing." 

The reason I love Mrs.Lancaster.  I draw some of Niall's blonde hair, and his blue eyes. I then throw in some of Selena's nose piercing , and her tattoos. I look at Augustus and drew his tattoos and hair,I have some badass friends. I just signed my name and BAM, I finished

"I'm done!" I yell it loud enough for the teacher to hear it. She walks over.

"Oh this is wonderful why don't you present it ." Fuck fuck fuck.

I grab my canvas sketch and walk to the front to the room.

"Well this is awkward but I drew people that matter to me,more like friends because everyone knows family matter either way. Anyways I drew some of Augustus's tattoos and his hair then I threw in Selena's (she's in the same class) nose piercing and her tattoos and last I drew Niall...." everyone started to gasp and whispered.

"I drew his blue eyes and some blonde hair. That's all." I look up and straight to Niall, everyone was still whispering until Niall spoke up.

"Well I think its lovely and beautiful. Art is always different and always has a meaning behind it." Niall smiled at me.

"Well that was lovely Hazel, thank you." Mrs.Lancaster shook my hand.

 I sat back down with my head in my hands, I knew I shouldn't have put Niall in it. 


"Hey Hazel, you okay?" Niall pulled me into a hug.

"Yeah, fine." I nodded

"You still on about that thing that happened at art class today."

"Yeah, lets go." 

He smiled and we walked to his car with everyone staring which felt like it was burning through us.

*At In & Out Burger.*


"Why?" I asked

"Cause I wanna skip and stay home with you, my parents are out on a trip to the London for 4 weeks!"

"You're alone!??!"

"Yeah, you should stay with me for those 4 weeks Hazel."

"Yeah my mom would be cool cause she knows you!"

"Yessss, turn down for what!!" Niall was so happy.

*after eating*

"I'm so stuffed." I walked to his room and plopped onto his bed.

"Me too!" He plopped next to me and stared at me while I stared back.

He put his hand on my face, I sat up and he sat up. He put his hand back on my face and leaned in and kissed me, he pushed me down onto the bed and was on top of me he kissed me like no one ever has then he stopped.

"Hazel Grace, I've have been waiting to kiss you like this since the we were in 6th grade, I can't since the first time I've met you in like 1st grade and that would be weird."

"Hazel I have a crush on you."

I blushed. I can't believe he just deadass said that!

"Niall Horan, I heating up because i'm blushing and your the only one that can make that happen, the only one that gives me butterflies and the only one I love."

"I love you too Hazel Grace." he leaned down and kissed me

This day can't get any better then it is. He just said I love you to ME


I hope if you noticed I use Hazel Grace and Augustus
(sadly i'm only using his name not his character) from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green <3

I love that book <3 <3 <3 I hope you like this chapter!

This is Selena

And this is Augustus!!



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