The Pastor's Daughter

I'm Madison, my dad's a pastor at a new town. The town is full of bikers. I don't want to let my dad down, but I met a guy, his name is Harry.


4. Zen

    I opened my eyes and saw Harry sleeping. I smiled at poked his nose. His nose moved a little then he opened his eyes. My dad would kill me and Harry if he knew we slept together. He poked my nose. I smiled. "Good morning." He kissed my forehead. "You're not getting up yet!" He kissed my lips gently. "You are not either." He moved closer to me and continued.

    We walked out of the room and I saw more hot guys. They all looked at me with wide eyes. "Harry?" The blond one said. I blushed and looked at my bare feet. "Don't hide it babe, your hot." I blushed so much. I looked up and saw Harry giving the evil eye to a guy. I smiled and nudged him. "I'm Niall!" He said it was the same voice. He thinks I'm hot. I think he is too.

    A guy that has only like, one two three four, tattoos walked towards me. "Liam." I smiled. Then a guy with black hair walked to me. "I'm Zen." I smiled. "Nice to meet you Zen." He smiled. "Zen, not Zen." I smiled. Everyone cracked up around us. "Zayn, not Zen." I smiled. "Oh, nice to meet you Zayn." He smiled at me. "Oh shit..." He said I glared at him.

    The door slammed open. I looked over it was a girl. "Zayn!" She was blonde and very pretty. She looked over at me then Harry. She sat beside me very quick. "I'm Perrie! Zen's girlfriend!" Everyone even me laughed. "What?" She asked. "Oh, I'm Zayn's girlfriend."

    Perrie and Zayn are so cute together. She talked to me and said that good luck with Harry. I laughed it off. But I hope things don't change sense I live here now. I don't want to fight 24/7. My phone buzzed. It said 'Mom'

    "Mom?" She giggled. "Maddie! Where did you go? You dad told me that you ran off with a biker guy." I smiled. "I'm fine mom, don't worry." She giggled again. "I was very worried honey, call me if anything happens." I smiled. "Ok, I love you, bye." Harry walked in and sat beside me. He grabbed my hand.

    I pulled my hair behind my ear. "Hey." He smiled at my cheerfulness. "Um, I was thinking, I need to tell you something." I smiled and but my head on his shoulder. "I am thinking we should get our own place." I hugged him."I agree." He smiled and pressed his lips on mine.

    I got dressed and fixed my make-up. Harry and me went and bought stuff. We got in his car and drove to a appartment. "Hello, I'm David, let's go see this appartment." He was very kind. He showed us the appartment. "Wow, it's nice." I said smiling. Harry looked at me. "My appartment is better then this shit." I looked at my shoes. "I'm sorry David. We have to go, but we will think about it." He smiled. "Thank you! Have a nice day."

     We got in his car and I stared at him. "Can you seriously be anymore rude?" He looked at me. "Listen, are you paying for it? No. Get over it!" I looked at him. "Your being a jerk." He smiled at me. "Sorry babe." I looked out of the window. "Listen! If you can't stop I'm leaving." He looked over. "I don't even need you."

    "What the heck is wrong with you?!?!" I stepped out of the car. I saw a bench and walked towards it. I sat down and saw him staring at me. He backed up and left me. I pulled my knees up to me chin. I cried deeply. He just left me. Left me. Here. Alone. I thought about who to call. I checked for my phone. Crap! It's not in my pocket. Think. Ummmm Oh no. It's in Harry's car!

    I got up and walked inside. David saw me. "Madison did something happen?"He walked towards me. I nodded. "Can I use a phone?" He pulled out his phone. I called Harry. "You have my phone." He hung up. I thought. I decided to call my mom. She answered.

   "Mom! Please come get me at the appartments." She was scared. "Maddie? Is this you? Yes! Yes, I will come get you." I smiled. "Thanks mom. I'll explain later." I hung up and hugged David. "Thank you so much." He smiled. "I was happy when you didn't say anything." I smiled. "About what?" He rubbed his arm nervously. "I'm gay." I smiled. "You don't worry!" He smiled. "I have a boyfriend too! His name is Harris." He handed me his number as I left. "Bye David thank you so much! I will call you! Bye!"


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