The Pastor's Daughter

I'm Madison, my dad's a pastor at a new town. The town is full of bikers. I don't want to let my dad down, but I met a guy, his name is Harry.


5. Proposal!

    Last Wednesday Harry and me fought. I met a new friend, who is now my best friend. David. He is so nice and helpful. We talked and he said I could meet his boyfriend, Harris. And I can't wait. He is nice and very gentleman like, I bet. I just need soemthing to get my mid off of Harry. He hasn't texted me, of called me, or anything.

    'hey! harris said that you can come over at two!' I read the text from David. 'awesome!  see u ther' Nowi have to get ready. I brushed my blackish brownish hair. My green eyes pop out with them. I applied some lipstick and eye liner. He sent me the address.

    "702 North Oak" I told my mom. She's driving me because I don't want to go alone. "Love you." I said grabbing my bag. I walked to the house. I rang the doorbell. I saw David run to the door na dopen it quick. "AHHH MADDY!" He hugged me tight and invited me inside.

    He pulled me into a room. "Lots of people are here because I'm proposing." I smiled. "OMG YAY!" I whispered. We walked out and lots of people stared at me and smiled. A girl walked to me. "Liz" she handed out her hand. I gladly shook it. "Maddy" I heard a clinking noise. I looked over and saw David. "I would like to make a toast!" He yelled.

    "First, for meeting a best friend." He smiled at me. "Madison!" I smiled big. "Next, Harris." He got down from the tree. I got closer. He smiled and itched his boot he was wearing. "First, Harris. I can't get this spot on my foot. Can you get it?" I smiled, Harris put his hand in his boot. He grabbed something. He pulled out a small  navy blue box.

    "Harris, I've been with you for so long." He smiled. "I can't love anyone else the way I love you." I felt tears form. "You are my one and only." I was crying quietly. "Will you marry me?" I smiled happily waiting for his answer. "David, yes!" They hugged. So cute! They kissed gently.

     People clapped. David walked to me. "Maddy! Will you be my best girl/man?" My smile was so big and cheerful. "Yes David I would love to!" He grabbed my hand and guided me to Harris. "Madison, this is Harris."

    "Hello Harris! Congrats, I'm Madison." I held out my hand. He shook it smiling. "Nice to meet you Madison, Harris is the name. But I think you know that." I smiled. I suddenly felt the room crowd around me. "I'm Alisha, you seem cool!" I smiled. "Hello Alisha"

    I left the house party, David and Harris said if I need anything call. I'm going to my dad's house. My mom got a boyfriend and they are like making noises all the time. FROM THE BEDROOM. I got in my mom's car. She smiled at me.

    She drove me to my dad's. I got there and knocked on the door. "Madison!" He yelled and hugged me. "Yea, forget about being rude to me, I am a adult and make my own choices." I invited myself in and ran to my room. He was behind me but I shut the door so he couldn't get on to me.

    I checked my phone. I had a text from Harry. I checked it as soon as I saw it. 'hey sorry about being so rude. yea so im here telling you sorry. text me back or im deleting your number.' Being the jerk he is, if he didn't have a name in my contacts I would know who it is. 'hey harry i was wondering when you would text me back :) jk call me if you want to really speak to me'

    I got a phone call. "Hello?" I asked, knowing who it is. "Hey, it's uhm Harry." I smiled at his nervousness. "Hey, what's up?" I heard him sigh. "I need to see you and explain something." I was worried at that point in time. "Yea, sure, come over whenever, I'm at my dad's." I heard him chuckle. "Yea, I'm outside."

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