The Pastor's Daughter

I'm Madison, my dad's a pastor at a new town. The town is full of bikers. I don't want to let my dad down, but I met a guy, his name is Harry.


3. I'm a Adult

    After Harry left my dad questioned me about who I was waving to. I told him the neighbors have kids. He wasn't sure. But like, how is he suppost to know? He told me I should get a job to save up to move out. If I wanted to move out I would move to my mom's. She understands me. I guess that's because she's a girl.

    I got on my laptop and checked jobs in the area. I didn't see much. The only one that caught my eye was working at a pet shop. I applied. My phone scared me when it rang. I looked at it and made sure the door was closed and locked.

    "Hello?" I asked. "Hey, you know who it is." I smiled. "Hi Harry." I looked out at the snow. "Did you apply for a job at the Roy's Pet Shop?" He asked. "Yea..." I heard him laugh. "You don't have to do that, if you need money, you can move into my appartment." I smiled. "Thanks, but my dad would come to our house every hour.." He laughed.

    I walked outside and sat on the bench. Cars drove by and teenagers walked to their houses. A car drove by then stopped. The car drove to right in front of me. The window rolled down and I saw Harry.I waved. He got out of his car and sat beside me.

    "You know my dad can see us." He smiled at me. "I don't care, that won't stop me from seeing you." I blushed. The front door opened from behind us. "Madison get inside." I looked behind and saw my dad. "Bye." I said waving. He got up. My dad shut the door behind me. He went outside.

    I watched inside as they talked. I heard some stuff too. "You don't touch my daughter,she is too nice for someone like you." I ran to my room. I locked the door. I sat on my bed. I looked at my phone. It was six. I turned on the t.v. I got a text. 'Your 'friend' won't be coming back.' It was from my dad. I opened the door and ran down the stairs. "DAD HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT UP! I'M A ADULT NOW I MAKE MY OWN CHOICES!" He walked towards me. "Don't you talk to me like that." I ran to the door and got outside.

    I saw Harry's car drive away. "Harry!" I yelled. The car stopped. I ran to it. I got inside. "Step on it." I yelled. He drove fast. We got to a house I guess that's his. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside. He shut the door then locked it.

    He stared at me. "Can I stay here a while?" I asked. "Yea" He hugged me. "As long as you need." I smiled. "Does that count as forever?" He smiled at me. His lips pressed against mine. His lip ring tickled my lip. Someone walked in. "Uh Harry?" It was a guy.

    He pulled away from me. "Oh, Louis, didn't know you were home." He stared at me. "Who's that?" I smiled. "I'm Madison." He smiled and walked towards me. "I'm Louis, Harry's roomate." I smiled. "I'm his new roomate, so hello other roomate!" He laughed. "Show me around!" Harry smiled and grabbed my hand. Louis grabbed the other.

    "This is my room, now our room." He pointed to a room. "This is the bathroom." Louis said pointing to another. "This is my room." He showed me the kitchen, another bathroom, a guest bedroom, a guest bathroom too. I asked why I ca't stay in the guest and Harry said because they usually have more guests. I wonder who.

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