The Pastor's Daughter

I'm Madison, my dad's a pastor at a new town. The town is full of bikers. I don't want to let my dad down, but I met a guy, his name is Harry.


6. A mistake

    I walked downstairs and saw my dad. "Someone's here." I smiled. "Yea, leave me alone." He smiled. "Your my daughter." I opened the door. "Hey" I said sighing. "Yea, can we talk in private?" I nodded. "Yea." We walked into my bedroom.

    I shut the door and he stared into my eyes. He moved closer and connected our lips. "I'm in love with the pastor's daughter." I blushed and smiled. "I'm in love with the biker that rules the town." He smiled and kissed me again. It's the truth, I'm in love with a biker. My dad is a pastor. This is a risky thing, but I'm willing to do it for him.

    I heard a knock on my back. My back was on the door. He disconnected our lips and stood still. "Yes?" I said shaking. "Honey I'm going out." It was my dad's voice. "Kay, bye." I heard him sigh. "Love you be back late, maybe four in the morning." I smiled. "Mkay." I heard the front door shut.

    I opened the door and walked downstairs. Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me back in. "Nope." We were on my bed my back on his chest. I was smiling. I got up and stared at him. "Harry, I think I know the answer to this but... have you lost your virginity?" He chuckled and stared at me. "Yea, her name was Tiffany.." I had a pain of jealousy in my chest. "Have you?" I blushed and looked at the floor. "No, I'm not planning to either." He smiled and kissed my nose.

    Harry turned on the tv. I smiled he was frustrated. "You have no good channels." He said as I got a drink of coke. I giggled. "I never watch tv." He smiled as I sat beside him. "Shut up, I always have something to do." He smiled and sat me on his lap. Our noses touched gently. "I mad a mistake when I kicked you out." He frowned. "When your mum knocked on the door asking for your phone I felt like shit." I smiled. "You should have." He smiled.

     He cusses but it's not like I didn't know that. He's a biker and I bet has all of his life. I can't change some things. He kissed my lips gently. I smirked."You don't always have to have to kiss me softly." He smiled. "I know that." The door slammed open.

    "Get out of my house!" My dad yelled. I kissed Harry gently and waved good bye. My dad shut the door and stared at me. "Madison, you are not good for him!" He yelled. "You don't even know him!" I yelled back. "Madison, your smart, beautiful and nice." I looked at him like 'who do you think I am?' "Dad! He is kind, smart, and a good person!" He stared at me. "At least I don't leave someone I 'love' to go fuck someone!" I yelled then realized what I just said.

     He shut the door after throwing me in my room. I sat on the floor and cried. "You don't undertsand him!" I yelled loudly. I called my mom. She didn't answer. I'm all alone. I don't have anyone. I grabbed a book off of my shelf and opened it.

     The pages were wet from my tears. I closed it. I threw it on the ground. I got on my phone and texted Harry. 'call me i am alone and dont know what to do' I typed as quick as I can. I got a call fast, and I was happy because of that.

    "Maddy, did something happen?" I smiled at his voice. "Yes! My dad was watching us! I'm in my room at eleven at night! I'm alone!" I heard him smile. "I know, go to sleep, I love you, call me when you get up." I smiled. "Love you too, sleep good Harry." I sighed. "Good night."

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