the babysitter

My name is Cecelia but everyone is calling me Cece, I'm 18 years old and I live in the U.S.A in a little town named Calabasas, I have a kinda big house because my family is rich so my dad bought the house for me then I turned 18. Me and my dad is really close, but then I was 10 or 11 my dad was always working so I only had my mom to talk with but then my mom died for 8 years ago he did everything to make me happy he cared about me, laughed with me and he will just never give up even when I know it's hard for him without my mom...

Hope you'll read this story:-)


1. where is Jaxon?

Ceces P.O.V

(DING DING) oh no! I hate when I can't just sleep how long as I want. But I stood up and going to the bathroom to get showered when I was done showing I go into my walk-in closet, and finding my favorite outfit a withe crop top there's wrote 'Bad girl' across the chest, some black shorts and my necklace I got I from my dad as a B-day present, I curled my hair and left my room to go downstairs when my phone calls "Erin calling" there is wrote on the display

(Phone call)

Me: hi :-)

Erin: hi:-) can you babysit Jazmyn and Jaxon?

Me: yes of course :-)

Erin: good thank you! :-)

Me: you're welcome what are you and Jeremy up to?

Erin: we are going visit some friends we will be home tomorrow at 5 pm :-)

Me: ok I'm on my way :-) bye

Erin: thanks :-) bye

(End of phone call)

I hurry out to my range rover I got from my dad (yes I get a lot of him) I sitting in the driver-seat and drive to Erin and Jeremy's house I turn on the radio and slow down by Selena Gomez is on so I turn up the volume and singing along...

(15 mins later)

I parking in front of they're house then going out of the car and before I even is reaching to open the door Jazmyn's jumping up to hug me and I take her up in my arms "you're my favorite babysitter" she say "and you're my favorite little girl" I respond I take her into the kitchen and sit her on a chair "where is your mom and dad" I ask Jazmyn who is saying they're in the living room "okay I'm going to talk with them can you go into the playroom with Jaxon? :-)" I respond and go into the living room "hi Erin and Jeremy" I say and take sit in theirs couch "hi Cecelia :-) so Justin is coming about some minuts so he can maybe help you with babysitting:-)" Jeremy respond I nod and they go into the play room to say goodbye to Jaxon and Jazmyn, when they had said goodbye they go out to Jeremy's car and I'm following them " so you know where the ekstra room is and remember Jaxon and Jazzy is going to bed at 20:00 pm! :-)" Erin say to me from the open window in the car "yes I know :-)" I respond and start to wave when they drive. When they were gone I go inside to Jazzy and Jaxon " when is mommy and daddy coming home?" Jazzy asking with the little cute face of hers "they are coming home tomorrow at 5 pm:-)" I respond "JUSTIN!❤️" Jazzy shouted "Jazzy Justin is not?..." I stopped talking then I turned around and see that Justin spinning around with Jazzy in the arms "Jazzy I missed you so much!:-D" " hey Justin:-)" I'm saying surprised "hey whats up!:-)" Justin's asking " not much I'm just going to babysit these lovely kids!:-)" I respond then I go to find Jaxon first I'm looking in the playroom but he is not there then I'm looking upstairs on his room " oh no!" I'm saying to myself I'm running downstairs again to Justin who is sitting in the couch and playing on iPad with Jazzy, " Justin!" I shouting in panic " yes what is going on?:-)" he respond I explain that I can't find Jaxon and I looked on his room and the playroom, " ok let's find him fast, you look downstairs and I look upstairs!" Justin's saying worried. I start looking in all possible places Jaxon can be I'm looking in hours but without finding him and every time he isn't in a room or a place I look I get more and more scared of where he is I mean he's just a kid on 5 years old, I'm going over to the stairs and shout to Justin about he have found Jaxon " no!, but can you just come up here please?" Justin shout back I'm going upstairs to Justin in hope that he maybe found Jaxon, " Justin where are you?!" I'm shouting " I'm in Jaxons room" Justin respond I go to Jaxons room and seeing a sad Justin standing in the middle of the room...

Justin's P,O,V

" I'm in Jaxons room" I respond I can hear Ceces footsteps coming closer and then she is standing the door I making the sad Bieber she's going over to me and when she's standing in front she's hugging me and then I giving Jaxon the sign, I quickly move away from her when Jaxon is jumping up on her bag I took a pic so she can see how scared she seemed me and Jaxon is laughing so Badly but she just seemed mad, " that was so NOT funny that was not even close to be funny" she's saying looking really mad " no it was not funny.. It was the most hilarious damn thing I ever seemed" I respond while I tried to don't laugh " Jaxon the clock is 19:40 you are going to bed now okay" she's saying trying to smile but fails " and Justin you are coming NOW thank you" while she's saying that she's not even trying to smile she just seems really mad and annoying, but she seems really cute even when she's mad:-) NO what am I thinking, I will never get her and by the way she is my siblings babysitter...

Ceces P.O.V

I'm so upset right now. I'm going downstairs, I'm going into the kitchen with Justin 'in my heels' (ya know what I mean) "Justin.. Why do you theaching Jaxon that!" I asking annoying, "teaching him what?" Justin's saying calmly okay how can he not know what I'm talking about!?

Justin's P.O.V

Cece seems really umh annoying. " teaching him it's okay to bullying others!" She's almost shouting at me, "what! it was just one thing we just wanted to scary you a bit" I almost shouting back, "Maybe but I..." She's saying looking confused. I going closer to her " hey:-). What's wrong you're looking confused and sad?" I'm saying "nothing you have to worry about Justin" she's saying, "oh umh ok.. What is write on that" I'm asking pointing to the pease of paper in her hand. " I'm going out to the park with Jazzy and you and Jaxo is staying here okay?" She's saying. " umh okay. Not mad anymore?:-)" she's not answering me but she's just going out of the kitchen.

Ceces P.O.V

"Umh ok not mad anymore" Justin's asking from behind me, but I don't care he's so childish. "Jazmyn you wanna go with me to the park?" I'm asking while looking after her in her room, she's running into her room taking my hand and almost falling downstairs "ok I'm taking that as a yes" I'm saying while laughing "yay" she's shouting while taking on her jacket and shoes and I'm doing the same "can Justin come with us please?" Jazmyn's asking while making the puppy dog face " he could but then there's no one to look after Jaxon" I'm saying smiling " but he can just come with us" Jazmyn's asking making begging big eyes "ok then:-) go ask them" I'm saying I'm taking out my phone of my pocket and texting my friend Niall yes the Niall from 1D but who cares. Before I get to text him Justin, Jaxon and Jazzy is coming so I'm taking away my phone again "hey what are you doing?" Justin's asking "waiting for you and the kids" I'm answering "good, come on" Justin's saying with Jazzy on the left side of his wrists and Jaxo on the right. I'm opening the door going out then taking Jazzys hand and locking the door. We're going a while to we are reaching the park and Jaxon and Jazmyn is running Justin is sitting on a bench, I'm sitting next to him "so what are going to the mall for?" Justin asks I start to laugh "nothing I just wanted to get away from you" I say "hey!" Justin says laughing...

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