destinees and my wacky story

This book may make destinee sound like a slut but she's not okay she is the you and I am the i so we are practically the main characters okay well here it goes oh and we both made it up so yea and the end is were we talked so yea totallies read this so yea bye


1. the first beginning

Me and my bff on kik made this up see she posted the emojiys I did the words well see its kinda makes her sound like a slut but shes not okay here is the story

Your heart is blueeeeee
Now its purple
Now its exploding
Its goneee
Its broken
Now you found your future husband
Now your married
Now you had a baby
Now you have a family
Now you got divorced and found another guy and now your about to sleep with him
So she slept with the same guy okay then she cheated on her husband
Now your like what have I done because your pregnant with another mans baby
Now you told the man and hes like what how could you have gotten pregnant so now he unfriended you on face book
Then the guy smiled with delight
Then you got very mad
And slaped him in the face
Then he cried tears of laughing to hard and said that was the funniest slap ever
Then you kicked him in the balls and beat him up then smiled with how bad you beat him up
Then you broke out in to a sweat
Then you laughed and said heha it hurt now didn't it
Then he got up and knocked you out and he trough you on your doorstep and then your husband was there and he killed the guy and the guy went to hell
Then you winked at your husband
Then he blushed and kissed you
Then he put his tounge on your mouth and then he raped you
Then after he raped you he said he hated you but loves you then put sunglasses on
And you gave him a smirk and did what you did to the other guy
Then he locked you up in the tower from rupenzzel and he will never let you down and you cried
Then I ate all my mms
And me and the boys and Braden helped you out
Then you stole nialls nandos and he chased you till he was on top of you and grabed it and ran with his nandos up a tree And you kissed liam
Then after you kissed him you fell of the hill of horses
And then zayn and perrie started making out
And you tried to kiss braden but I kissed him first :P
And then harry kissed my neck while you and liam made love and niall was licking a ice cream on a cone
And then we all went to a club and you had sex with niall and and you guys woke up and you guys were scared and you guys were freaked out and and I made love to harry andand eleanor and louis was having a fight about whos going to the grocery store
Then liam walked in on you and niall when you woke up and he fainted and said I love spoons then niall was like I thought you hated them and liam was like I said I love baboons I want to see them at the zoo today
Then you and niall cleared things up and never talked about it again then we went to another club I went with harry but you had sex with him two
Then you woke up besides louis in the morning and was like ahh because you slept with two guys that night
Then you died at the sight of all the boys naked in every room because you stayed up and had sex with all of them(not at the same time lol)
Who is the farther you will find out next on alishas and destinees whacky stories
What how they all had sex with you what if all of them is the farther what if you have 5 babies from each guy dun dun duuuun
Then they would take care of all of them lol
Lol okay well we told you the spoiler so next time we will finish our story good night people now we shall end our story for tonight see you next time
Now I will put the story together lol
Are you gonna write it down lol
No I am gonna just copy it lol
Lol I did it to entertain you .....I played along XD


The ending is what me and her said if you want to coment go on kik and text either hidsey3 

is destinee my best kik friend and I am 


So if you wantto comment both of us just add us on the same chat okay love my fans oh and btw she does not have a movellas just in case your wondering lol and please dont hate on the story or us and love my fans byeee

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