Lego Batman, Katniss, and a Couple of Random Stories

Just a few random short stories with Lego Batman and Katniss. Hope you enjoy!


3. Quest to find the Goddess

   Batman paced in his apartment. He couldn't get Katniss out of his mind. How was he supposed to help average citizens if all of his thoughts had traces of the beautiful princess? It was time to do something. Batman suited up. He wore his newly dry cleaned suit and shiny black cape. Slicking his hair back, Batman clipped the butterfly hair pin onto his head and surveyed himself in the mirror. Yup, Katniss couldn't resist this.

   Batman rushed down the stairs, but as he finished the last flight of leg-breakers, he realized that he forgot his shoes. The shiny ones, bedazzled with a thousand jewels that sparkled like Katniss' eyes! See? She was everywhere. Batman sighed and started up the thirty flights of stairs. The fancy lady at the front desk in the lobby didn't let him use the elevator in the building anymore. He had spent an entire day repeatably pressing all the buttons. Batman thought they glowed like stars. They are being totally unfair, Batman thought as he huffed and puffed up the stairs, wiping the invisible sweat off of his plastic forehead.

   Finally, he reached his apartment door, retrieved his snazzy shoes and sunglasses, and sneaked into the elevator. He put on these items as he continued his descent. The sunglasses, since they had no pizazz, were used chiefly for the hiding of his super identity. This plan worked extremely well, though some people did give him some judging looks.

   The Lego superhero stepped out into the rain on his way to work, and immediately whipped out his pocket umbrella. It unfolded, and protected his slicked hair from the relentless rain. Good. He would need his best looking hair when he found Katniss. He walked down the sidewalk alone, no one else was crazy, um, brave, enough to be out in this rain. But as he slowly trudged down the uneven concrete, a girl ran out from one of the shops along the road. To Batman's utter astonishment, it was none other than Katniss, his one true love! He leaped with joy.

   "Katniss! Katniss, my darling!" He called into the storm. But she either ignored him, or couldn't hear him for the fearsome rain pelting the earth. Probably the latter. The girl kept running in the rain, her head tucked down. Batman tried again. "Katniss!" He yelled.

   This time, she heard him. Katniss whirled around in surprise, then, catching sight of the short plastic figure, shook her head in disgust and walked away. Batman's lip quivered. Then it must be true. Despite his purple hair clip, his undying love, and fabulous shoes, Katniss didn't love him. He burst in tears and turned around to go back to his apartment. He didn't look back, and maybe that wasn't the best thing to do, because there was a huge truck barreling down the street directly towards his path. 

   Just before the ginormous vehicle crushed our poor hero, there was a hiss, thud, hiss, thud, hiss, thud, and the truck ground to a stop inches from the oblivious man. Batman, upon hearing the slight sound of the tires loosing air, whirled around, glancing at the black shafted arrows imbedded into the truck's tires. Shielding his eyes from the freezing rain, he made out the form of a girl, with a raised bow. Katniss had saved his life! The storm melted away, and the sun shone down on everything. Batman ran towards his hero in slow motion, but while he was crossing the street to thank his love, another car came whizzing down the road. Batman barely had time to jump out of its path. But by the time he had calmed down and looked up for Katniss, she was gone.  A bright flash of lightning lit the sky and thunder shook the clouds. Batman walked back to his apartment in the pouring rain, elated. Katniss cared!

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