Lego Batman, Katniss, and a Couple of Random Stories

Just a few random short stories with Lego Batman and Katniss. Hope you enjoy!


2. Meeting Peeta

   It had been a few weeks since Batman and Katniss' encounter. He had dropped the idea that Girl Scouts were secret agents once he stole one of their pens and realized that it wasn't a laser beam. Batman had also taken a butterfly hair clip, and though it didn't have any superpowers, it did make a fabulous accessory. He wore it daily. Now, here he was, striding down the street, looking cooler than ever with his purple glitter hair clip shining like a star in his slicked hair. He shook his head, enjoying the feel of the wind swooshing through his hair. The clip's grip loosened and it flew dramatically through the air, landing squarely on top of a cake a blonde boy covered in flour was carrying.

   The boy jumped in surprise and exclaimed, "My cake! That was for Annie's birthday!" He huffed away, the glittery hair accessory still stuck on the elegantly iced cake. Batman chased after him, pumping his plastic legs as fast as they could go. Flour boy ran into a bakery with Batman right on his heels. Hearing footsteps behind him, the boy whirled around and stared at the lego superhero, sending the pink cake flying across the room. It landed with a splat next to a blazing oven, and the boy groaned.

   "Excuse me, Average Citizen, but that is my butterfly clip." Batman snatched the clip from the ground, licked the icing off the accessory, and pinned it in his hair. "That's better," He said, turning to leave the small shop.

   "Wait! Who are you?" The boy called. Batman impatiently faced the stranger once more.

   "Who am I?" He laughed contemptuously. "I am Batman! Greatest superhero the world has ever seen!" 

    "Nice to meet you…Batman. Anyway, I'm Peeta," the baker held his hand out, Batman smacked it aside. "Uh-"

    "You are the one that the beautiful girl with the curved stick mentioned. Where is she? I must gaze upon her beauty once more!"

   "Katniss? She's out hunting. Besides, she's my girlfriend."

   Batman's face wrinkled in an attempt not to cry. He sniffled, and wobbled to a nearby chair.

   "Hey! Get outta here!" Peeta threw a raspberry pastry at the superhero, covering him in jelly. You could say that it wasn't a very effective attack.

   "Oh Average Citizen!" Batman laughed and licked the jelly from his finger. "This is quite delicious. But, alas! I must go! Tell my love, what's her name-"

   "Katniss," Peeta mumbled, clearly annoyed.

    "Yes…Katniss. Tell Katniss that I stopped by to see her! I will never give up. Because I. Am. Batman." With that, Batman turned and strutted out the shop, looking fabulous the whole time.

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