Black And Silver

Jessa- Continuing from where Clockwork Princess left off


2. More Than A Memory

Tessa awoke the next morning in her London apartment; she had been dreaming of the time Jem, Will and her had gone to Yorkshire and seen Aloysius Starkweather in an attempt to discover Mortmain's history, and it was then where Tessa had first seen Will's sister, Cecily. 

It took her a moment to remember the events of yesterday, the memories slipping into place. A smile broke out on her face as she leaped out of bed and ran to her living room to see the boy lying on the chair.


He was the same but different. Tall, but not too tall, with delicate features and the gentle curve to his eyes that Tessa had come to adore, and yet all traces of silver from his features had been replaced by black At the moment, he was spread out in the morning sun, his fingertips grazing the floor. At the sound of her footsteps, he sleepily opened his eyes, gaze instantly fixing on her. He smiled- that same, sweet smile- as she came to a stop by his side and reached for his hand. He was looking at her as no one had done in the past 150 years, like she was the only thing in the world that mattered. A frown formed across her features as a new thought entered her mind. "Tessa? What is it?" Jem rolled off the chair and landed delicately beside her. In all his years as a Silent Brother, he never lost his grace. Perhaps that was because the runes, or simply the fact that he had trained with Will for many years.

Hot, salty tears began to overflow onto her cheeks, rolling down and dripping off her chin. "I-it's just..." She began, looking up to Jem. He pulled her into a gentle hug, as if she was made of fine china, and they sat with their backs to the chair. "After all these years, all you've seen... I fear that I will be extraordinarily dull. And we haven't been properly together since the day I got kidnapped." Tessa sniffed, remembering when Will came charging into her 'room' in the mountain after riding Balios hundreds of miles to reach her. Remembered the joy in her heart, only to hear him say Jem was dead, and her whole world coming crashing down around her. 

At this moment, Jem's eyes softened, he turned her firmly to look at him. "Tessa, you will never be dull. Yes, I have seen and learned so much since I entered the brotherhood, however you have been my light in the darkness. Our yearly meetings were the only things that kept me from lapsing completely into one of them, it kept me human." He said gently, gazing into her eyes steadily. There was such warmth there, and it seemed to make Tessa's insides squash together with the realization that nobody had looked at her like that since Will died. "I... I felt the same." She whispered, tears drying on her cheeks, and this time not being replaced by others. It was true; Tessa had hardly spoken to anybody through the years. Magnus, of course, had been there, however she only visited him briefly, as every sight of him was like watching Will die all over again. But maybe this time would be different. With Jem there, it was like having Will remain, too.

She made a spontaneous decision. "Jem," She smiled softly, standing. He joined her moments later, grinning (like he always did). "I would like to see Magnus again, he is currently living in America. Brooklyn, I think." Tessa did not need to say why, it was clear from Jem's expression he knew. He frowned. "I know, I understand how you feel. I want to be reminded of who we once were, back when we first met, but..." He slowly took her hands in his, a pained look passing over his features. "There's something going on over there, something dangerous. I just don't want you to get hurt." Jem spoke softly, and Tessa wondered how much he had been over there. As a Silent Brother, he was obliged to go wherever a senior member or The Clave told him to, and she didn't know where they were based at any time. But he had made it back every year to speak with her.

"I know, I have heard from several Downworlders, who seemed a little too content with the news." She admitted, face suddenly serious. "But- Jem. You are forgetting that I have been trained, and I will be with you." It was true, Gabriel Lightwood had taught her how to use a weapon shortly before he came to live with them in the Institute, and Tessa had been practicing ever since, in the event that it would be required when she was alone. Her Clockwork Angel had long become simply pretty to look at; the Angel trapped within had been released during the fight with Mortmain. Tessa had given it to Magnus, not wanting to be reminded of the time she had been hunted by the Clockwork Creatures. He nodded slowly, releasing her hands. Jem moved his hand to her face, sleeve falling back to show the jet black runes that still covered his arms; his hand was soft as it glided along her cheekbone, sending shivers through Tessa's body, right up to her fingertips.

"All right." A smile played across his lips, "We will leave tomorrow. Though you will have to show me the Mundane way to America." Warmth seeped through Tessa's veins, igniting something inside her heart. She suddenly wanted to wrap her arms around Jem, to take him places and show him the world from the eyes of a Mortal. A smile that mirrored Jem's found its' way through Tessa, and she drew him toward her, Jem's arms going instinctively around her. For the first time in years, Tessa had hope.


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