Black And Silver

Jessa- Continuing from where Clockwork Princess left off


3. I Don't Want To Forget

After a short Plane ride and car journey, Tessa and Jem arrived at Magnus' house, walking slowly up to the front door. Jem whispered soft words of encouragement to her as she raised her hand to knock

Before Tessa's hand even made contact with the wood, the door flew smoothly open. Still frozen with her hand up, her eyes took a minute to adjust to the new light, a tall figure standing in the middle of the doorway. Magnus. Staying true to himself, everything he wore (right from his black hair to his clothes) was absolutely drenched in glitter, and the majority of it was neon. "Tessa! Jem! Good to see you; I've been expecting you two to turn up at any moment since tomorrow," He said in a rush, a smile forming on his face. He then took a step to the side and lent against the door frame casually, his cat's eyes seemingly smiling along with his mouth. "What took you so long?" Tessa glanced back at Jem, alarmed at Magnus' loud greeting. "We only told you we'd be coming yesterday." She spoke softly, a small smile on her lips. "And we were still in London."

For a moment, he looked confused, before he nodded with a grin. "Oh, yeah. I forgot you can't just transport here." Magnus turned so they could come into his house. Jem gently took Tessa's hand and squeezed it reassuringly, guiding her into the hallway behind him. Glancing into a room, she noticed that all of the lights were on, and if she was quiet, faint laughter and banter of friends could be heard from through another doorway. "Oh," She began, looking back to Magnus. "Do you have visitors? If so, we could always find a hotel or somewhere to stay over night." Tessa frowned, not wanting to take advantage of his hospitality. Magnus stood still for a moment, then shook his head with a smile. "You two..." He turned his glowing eyes on them, "Are just how you were when I first met you." He and Tessa had spoken frequently after her and Will's marriage and had consequently become good friends. Although Tessa did not know how many times Jem had gone to meet Magnus on Silent Brother duty (if at all) she did know that they had met only a few times before he became one.  Will had probably spoken of them to the other, as he had done to Tessa in the passing years. 

"Of course you can stay- I have more than enough room." He gestured to the tall ceiling, and the wide staircase that Tessa could see went up many flights. It was a very grand house, especially considering it was located in an average town. "Thank you very much." Jem said, smiling shyly, "It means a great deal that you think of us as friends- Will would be pleased that we finally got to speak properly." He put his suitcase down, Tessa mirroring his action, as her hand was starting to ache. Magnus glanced over his shoulder to where the laughter was coming from, then looked back at them. "Do you want to go through?" He asked, taking her arm anyway. Magnus lead them around a couple of corners and into what seemed like a living room. In the center of one wall was a huge stone fireplace, inviting fire lit already. There were black leather chairs around the walls with a stone coffee table in the middle and a cream carpet covering the floor; 5 people were sat on the large chairs. A blonde male was sat next to a girl with curly red hair- Clary fray, Tessa recognized her from a few years back- On the next chair sat a boy with brown hair, a vampire, with a person who had startlingly long black hair. On the other one was-


Tessa gasped, covering her mouth with her hand, and the boy looked up sharply to catch her stunned look toward him. Her heart was hammering in her chest, only as she realized that this wasn't Will. Couldn't be Will. This was... Someone else. She looked up into Jem's soft eyes, willing him to understand, wondering why he was not as shocked as she was. He held her hand tighter, giving her an understanding nod while pulling her in for a quick hug. He smelled like wood and rosin, like he always did. Turning slowly back to the group of people, Tessa blushed, horrified she had made such a terrible mistake. "Ahem," Magnus cleared his throat, moving over to stand by the others as if nothing had happened. Thank you, Magnus. She thought; the other boy had turned to look at the Warlock with interest.

"Tessa, Jem. This is Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle and Alec." He said, pointing to the blue eyed boy last. Those eyes that were exactly the same colour as Will's once had been, as was the hair. Tessa fought back tears. "Isabelle and Alec are Lightwoods." He said slowly, looking at Tessa. So that was where the looks came from- Cecily must have passed them down. Judging from Jem's reaction, he had met them before. "And Jace is a Herondale." At this, her head snapped up to look at the blonde boy. He didn't look anything like Will... Maybe the cheekbones and the way he held himself... Still...

"Lightwood." He replied, grinning easily. Jace glanced at Clary quickly, then back to them. Jem smiled, like he always did, and shook his head. "No, definitely a Herondale. I can almost hear Will chanting shouting 'Lightworm!'" Tessa laughed, recalling the memory of when Will and her had gone to meet his parents with Cecily and Gabriel, where Will had introduced Gabriel as a Lightworm. Jace looked confused, so Magnus stepped in. "Jem was a Silent Brother for many years, starting in roughly 1865, and Tessa is a Warlock." Tessa glanced over at Isabelle, who had made a soft noise of exclamation. "Will Herondale was Tessa's husband for many years, and Jem's Parabatai." He sighed, "This is going to take some explaining to do and frankly, I can't be bothered." He sat down in a chair next to Alec, and put his arm around his shoulders. Tessa shuffled forward, trying to ignore all their stares while Jem, clearly at ease, tugged her to sit down in the final empty chair.

"So... You're Jace's ancestor?" Asked Simon, leaning forward. Tessa nodded, to which Simon lent back with an exclamation of "Awesome!" Jace was still staring at her in fascination and irritation, clearly not sure what to make of this. "We're coming to stay for a while, because Jem has not seen the world properly since I got kidnapped by Mortmain." Tessa said, half to Magnus, half to everyone else. They were clearly close friends, as their relatives had been so long ago. Clary was quite clearly descendant to Charlotte and Henry, having inherited his fiery hair. "We-" She began, but was cut off by Isabelle, who was looking at Jem. "You were a Silent Brother? Which one? And how did you become mortal again?" She asked, the words tumbling out of her mouth. Jem smiled politely, adjusting how he sat. "Brother Zachariah. I became a Silent Brother because I relied of a medicine that was killing me, and had no other choice." Tessa remembered how when he had taken a dose of the Yin Fen, his eyes seemed bigger than usual, his skin slightly flushed. She also thought of the many occasions where he would cough up blood if he had not taken the correct amount. 

The conversation continued for several more hours, and Tessa really got to know the group quite well before Magnus declared he was going to sleep, and the others followed suit.


A/N: I had to rush on this one, as I published it by accident when it was still in the making, but my next chapter will be longer. Please comment! 

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