Love story (an outsiders fanfic)

What if the night Johnny and ponyboy were jumped, they were saved by greaser girls passing by. One of the girls is different though. She loves books and sunsets, just like pony. What happens when he starts to have feelings for her?
Please read!!


1. chapter 1

The story begins at the beginning of chapter four. The words will change from italics to normal when we start MY story. Thank you so much for reading, it`s my first story. If you like, please review! (And yes, it does start in ponyboy`s P.O.V)



The park was about two blocks square, with a fountain in the middle and a small swimming pool for the little kids. The pool was empty now in the fall, but the fountain was going merrily. Tall elm trees made the park shadowy and dark, and it would have been a good hangout, but we preferred our vacant lot, and the Shepard outfit liked the alleys down by the tracks, so the park was left to lovers and little kids.

Nobody was around at two-thirty in the morning, and it was a good place to relax and cool off. I couldn't have gotten much cooler without turning into a Popsicle. Johnny snapped up his jeans jacket and flipped up the collar. "Ain't you about to freeze to death, Pony?"

"You ain't a'woofin'," I said, rubbing my bare arms between drags on my cigarette. I started to say something about the film of ice developing on the outer edges of the fountain when a sudden blast from a car horn made us both jump. The blue Mustang was circling the park slowly.

Johnny swore under his breath, and I muttered, "What do they want? This is our territory. What are Socs doing this far east?" Johnny shook his head. "I don't know. But I bet they're looking for us. We picked up their girls." "Oh, glory," I said with a groan, "this is all I need to top off a perfect night" I took one last drag on my weed and ground the stub under my heel. "Want to run for it?" "It's too late now," Johnny said. "Here they come."

Five Socs were coming straight at us, and from the way they were staggering I figured they were reeling pickled. That scared me. A cool deadly bluff could sometimes shake them off, but not if they outnumbered you five to two and were drunk.

Johnny's hand went to his back pocket and I remembered his switchblade. I wished for that broken bottle. I'd sure show them I could use it if I had to. Johnny was scared to death. I mean it. He was as white as a ghost and his eyes were wild-looking, like the eyes of an animal in a trap.

We backed against the fountain and the Socs surrounded us. They smelled so heavily of whiskey and English Leather that I almost choked. I wished desperately that Darry and Soda would come along hunting for me. The four of us could handle them easily. But no one was around, and I knew Johnny and I were going to have to fight it out alone.

Johnny had a blank, tough look on his face-you'd have had to know him to see the panic in his eyes. I stared at the Socs coolly. Maybe they could scare us to death, but we'd never let them have the satisfaction of knowing it.

It was Randy and Bob and three other Socs, and they recognized us. I knew Johnny recognized them; he was watching the moonlight glint off Bob's rings with huge eyes. "Hey, whatta ya know?" Bob said a little unsteadily, "here's the little greasers that picked up our girls. Hey, greasers."

"You're outa your territory," Johnny warned in a low voice. "You'd better watch it". Randy swore at us and they stepped in closer. Bob was eyeing Johnny. "Nope, pal, yer the ones who'd better watch it. Next time you want a broad, pick up yer own kind- dirt." I was getting mad. I was hating them enough to lose my head.

"You know what a greaser is?" Bob asked. "White trash with long hair." I felt the blood draining from my face. I've been cussed out and sworn at, but nothing ever hit me like that did. Johnnycake made a kind of gasp and his eyes were smoldering. "You know what a Soc is?" I said, my voice shaking with rage. "White trash with Mustangs and madras." And then, because I couldn't think of anything bad enough to call them, I spit at them.

Bob shook his head, smiling slowly. "You could use a bath, greaser. And a good working over. And we've got all night to do it. Give the kid a bath, David."


I ducked and tried to run for it, but the soc caught my arm and twisted it behind my back. I fought against him, but he was much stronger than me, also about 2 times bigger. He pushed my head toward the fountain.

"Oy! What the fuck do ya think you`re doing?" I looked over, expecting it to be sodapop or darry, or maybe even two-bit. What I did not expect to see was four greaser girls all dressed in jeans and t-shirts, holding up blades and broken bottles.

The one who had spoken before stepped forward just a little. Rage could be seen in her eyes. "Whadda ya think your doin` to these poor kids, huh? And if I don` like your answer, you might not live ta see tomorrow." Something about her gave me the feeling that she wasn`t kidding.

Apparently the socs thought so too, cause` Bob yelled "Let`s get outta here!" I felt the soc let me go, and I rubbed my shoulder, which hurt like hell. "Yeah, you better run!" One of the other girls shouted gleefully. I looked over at Johnny, and he just shrugged.

"Hey! Kid, are you okay? He didn`t rough you up none, did he?" The chick who had threatened the socs leaned over us, a look of concern passing over her face. Johnny and I nodded, and she let out a relieved breath.

"So, what`s your name, kid?" She was talking to me. "Ponyboy Curtis." The girl grinned. "Tuff name. I`m Jackie, but everybody calls me Pepper Jack." She looked at Johnny. "What `bout you?" "My names Johnny." He said, looking a little intimidated. Pepper Jack must have seen it too, cause` she grinned even wider. "It`s okay, I don`t bite."

Johnny was saved from having to answer when there was a loud cough. I remembered the other girls, and saw them standing there, having watched the whole thing. A girl with hair redder than Cherry's stepped forward, a smirk present on her face. "Aw pepper jack, I hope you didn`t forget bout` us, now." She pouted mockingly.

Pepper Jack sighed. "Of course I didn`t. I was gettin` to y'all." She turned to us. "That attention seekin` goof right there is Rocky Alberona." Rocky smiled even wider. "Attention seeking indeed." She said and giggled. I got the impression that she and Two-bit would get along very well.

Pepper jack pointed at another girl with dark hair and icy blue eyes. "That there's Nikki Lewis." Nikki winked at us. "Nice blade ya got, kid." She said, looking at the blade in Johnny's hand. Nikki seemed like the kind of person who could perform many crimes and get away with it, and her resemblance to dally (personality wise, of course) was incredible.

"What about her?" I looked around for the other girl but she was nowhere to be found. Pepper jack looked around, puzzled, but then a look of realization came onto her face. "Oh, you mean Luce? Where is she?" Nikki snorted and pointed towards the fountain where the socs had almost drowned me.

I looked toward where Alley Kat was pointin`, and I saw the faint outline of what looked like a very small girl. Pepper Jack sighed. "Oh not again, Lucy." She complained. "What`s wrong with her?" Johnny asked. Pepper jack smiled. "She likes to look at the stars."

"Hey, Luce!" Rocky called, and the girl looked up. "Get over here!" Luce got up and made her way over to us. Luce had pretty blond hair with a slight red tint to it, and pretty light green eyes. She was also pretty small, only about to my shoulder.

Luce smiled at us. "Hi, it's nice to meet you," she said politely, reaching her hand out to shake mine. I was shocked, because I had never heard of a greaser being this polite before, but I shook her hand anyway. It was very small compared to mine. "I'm ponyboy." Her smiled got wider. "I like your name. It's really original." I don't know why, but my face got really red. She then introduced herself to Johnny.

"Okay okay, enough dallying," nikki snapped impatiently. "We gotta get these boys home." Then I remembered. "Oh!" I gasped out. "Soda must be worried sick!" "Who`s soda?" Rocky asked. "He`s my brother." I answered, and she nodded.

"Lead the way." Pepper jack commanded me. So Johnny and I walked side by side while the others followed.

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