Dead Girls

When five pretty girls dies, hell breaks out. The girls are dead, but no one can know. They must find a way to seek the light before it's too late. Before the stranger gets to them... Megan will do anything to get her position as the Queen Bee of Fairview High back, but someone is in her way. Gabriella's financial troubles are setting her family in a tough position. Pam's mom comitted suicide, which some pretty girls are guilty off, and when her teacher Thomas shows interest in her, she doesn't know when to stop. Sarah's mom reveals a terrible secret about her past, but before she can explain the rest, someone kills her. Olivia is guilty of many things, but her recent actions can get her to sit in forever.

'Dead Girls' is loosely inspired by my childhood.


3. Wild Girl Chase

Prom. A stylish paradise. A night full of love, heartbreak, make-outs, dancing and eventually, sex. Imagine a prom parade. Girls in Diane von Furstenburg dresses. Boys in tuxedos. Teachers in horrid, awkward gowns. Everything would be perfect. Almost everything...


Six girls were planning a horrible prank. A prank that was later going to have extreme consequences. A deadly prank. 

"The first step is to send her the messages, they should lure her out to the creek," a blond, flawless girl said. Her name was Megan. "Then we'll begin the actual plan." 

The girls nodded in agreement. 

"Then it's settled," she said. "I'll send it now."

Megan unlocked her iPhone, went to Messages and typed: 


Isn't it sad how people has some sick, twisted

ideas to bring someone down?

Isn't it sad how that person is going to be you?

But first, why don't you meet me at Tepper Creek?

You might have a chance at saving a couple secrets of yours,


Good luck, bitch.


She pressed send. After a couple of moments, she heard a swoop. Then it vibrated. She read the text out lod.

"Who the hell are you, and what do you want from me?"

"Ferocious Felicia is asking who I am," Megan said, laughing. "Should we tell her?"


Ferocious Felicia was Megan's nickname for Felicia. Felicia was a 14-year old girl, who had just moved to Fairview from Hamilton. She was a rich kid. She was the first step in getting the new queen bee down. Felicia was the flawless, poop-brown haired girl, who had the prettiest smile in all of town. 



Later that night, Felicia was riding her bike back home. Tears were streaming down her face, her eyes red. She had just done something horrible. The prank had taken an awful turn. 


Once there were six...





Olivia and Gabriella had bonded over the past two days. They actually had a lot in common. Olivia had given Gabriella a nickname. Gabby. They had made a deal about driving together to the party, you know, to save money from gas prices. 

Olivia was driving on the foggy road, Gabby next to her in the passenger seat. "I really never would have thought we'd actually be able to talk." Olivia said, looking at Gabby. They were both in expensive dresses. They were gonna look explosive, possibly better than the party host. Disaster.

"Me neither," Gabby answered. "But I'm really glad we did." 

They talked more and more. Olivia turned her head to Gabby to say something, but Gabby had her eyes on the road.

"What the hell.." she said. "Is that.. Pam?" 

Olivia followed her look. She saw Pam standing in the middle of the road. "Crap!" she yelled, hitting the brakes. The car squealed and made a U-turn. She made a double take. 

"We have to get her in, she looks..." Gabby began, but Olivia didn't let her finish. 

"We can't just get her in the car, what if she pukes on our dresses?" Olivia said, quickly realizing what a bitch she was. 

They sat for a moment. "Get out, we're going to get her in." Olivia said fast. 

She unbuckled, opened the door, and left it open. "Pam!" she asked. Pam was gone. Pam was gone. 

"Where did she go?" Gabby asked.

"I don't know, she might be in the forest." Olivia replied. 

"What, so she got scared like a deer?" Gabby frowned. 

"Look, we just have to find her!" Olivia cried. "We don't have to take her home or stuff.. I think.. Should we?"

Gabby didn't answer. Her face was stricken with fear, clearly worried. She started towards the forest. "Do you have a flashlight?"




Sarah was in her home, looking for her emerald necklace. She had a Kate Spade perfume on, red high heels and a revealing dress. She didn't exactly feel comfortable. 

"Maybe it's in the basement..." she said out loud. 

She unlocked the rusty basement door. It had been years since she was there the last time. She stepped on the first step. Creak. Creak after creak. 


"That wasn't my creak.." she said. 

All of a sudden, the basement door slammed hard. "Hello?!" she yelled, hurrying up the stairs. It was pitch black. Completely dark. "Get me out!" she screamed. She fumbled for the light switch. She found a thin thread. She pulled it, and slowly, light emerged. She looked down the stairs. Was someone down there? She was sure she saw a shadow of a man. She took another step, another creak. 

"Hello?" she asked.

Suddenly, the shadow moved. Sarah ran up to the door, knocked on it. Her hands were hurting. She heard a creak. Then another. Terrified, she turned around and saw a person. She was sure the person was a girl, but before she could look more, the hoodie-person struck her with a knife. 




Megan was sitting in the royal throne she had gotten for the occasion. No one had arrived yet. Bitches better not be bailing. 

She went to check on the food. "Hi birthday kid!" Rafael, the cook, said. "What's up?" 

Megan looked distraught. "No one has arrived yet, I'm worried that I'm going to spend my birthday alone!" she cried. 

"Well, I'm here if you want to celebrate." Rafael said, lifting a cupcake with a birthday candle in. He was an amazing cook. 

"Thanks," she said, giving him a broad smile. "I'd really appreciate that."

She heard a door open. "They're here!" Megan said, jumping up from the small chair she'd sat on. "Thanks for being such a great cook, Rafie!" she said, giving him a tight hug. 

"Thanks for being such a great host, Meggie." He answered. 

"Please don't call me that!" she grinned. 

She walked out of the kitchen, and into the big hall. No one was there. "Ooh, maybe they're going to do that "surpriiiise"-thingy for me!" she said excitedly. But as she stood there, she lost hope. 

After a couple of minutes, she heard a cloink sound.

"For God's sake, Daddy!" she called. "Daddy!" 

She tried again, and again. "Idiot!" she cried. 

She turned around, and screamed. A person in a black hoodie was standing there, a terribly, mischievous smile on his, or her, face. Megan stumbled around, trying to run. Her high heels didn't allow to, though. She took them off, put her hands inside the footspace and ran. She screamed louder and louder. 

"Rafael!" she cried. "Help me!" 

She ran to the kitchen door, but it was locked. She bonked the door, but there was no reaction. "Help me!" she called one last time. The last time.




"Olivia?!" Gabby called out. "Have you found Pam?" 

Olivia and Gabriella had been searching for Pam in the forest. They were certain they'd seen her on the road, looking dead, sick or whatever. They'd been searching the forest frantically, but to no avail.

"Not yet, keep loooo..." Olivia started. She had tripped. She looked down her dress. "Oh my God, you can't be.." 

She saw a finger in the dark. She had trailed off when she saw it. When she moved her eyes a bit more north, she saw a face. Pam's face. She screamed.

"Olivia!?" Gabby called out. "Where are you? What the hell happened?" 

Gabby followed Olivia's screams until she found her AND Pam. "Oh my God!" Gabby screamed. 


Both girls got quiet. They looked into the darkness and saw a person. "We have to get away from here." Olivia whispered to Gabby. "Take Pam!" 

Olivia stood up and helped Gabby get Pam's body up in her arms. 


"Hurry!" Gabby cried. "We need to hurry!"

Olivia was exhaling. "I know!" she yelled angrily. Olivia ran ahead of Gabby. She was going to start the car so they could get away quickly. But before she got to the car, she heard a thomp. A thud. She grabbed her phone, turned on the flashlight, and slowly lit towards the sound. A scream escaped. A huge lump was forming in her throat. She screamed as loud as she could. She ran towards the car and fiddled with her keychain, but she couldn't seem to find the key. 

Bleep bleep.

The car had just been unlocked. Olivia was terrified. Terrified because she knew what was going to happen next. Terrified because she was going to die. Just terrified. 

"And then, there were none."




Step 1: Kill each girl - Completed.

Step 2: Make the girls alive, yet dead - Completed.

Step 3: Seek revenge for the last time - Slowly progressing.

I had just gotten my revenge. The revenge I had needed. They were gonna suffer. They were going to discover more about themselves than ever before. But first, let's tell the world of their horrible deeds that night. The night they had pranked someone and gotten someone killed. The night, where the girls discovered the truth behind a ferocious, little lady. Felicia. 


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