Dead Girls

When five pretty girls dies, hell breaks out. The girls are dead, but no one can know. They must find a way to seek the light before it's too late. Before the stranger gets to them... Megan will do anything to get her position as the Queen Bee of Fairview High back, but someone is in her way. Gabriella's financial troubles are setting her family in a tough position. Pam's mom comitted suicide, which some pretty girls are guilty off, and when her teacher Thomas shows interest in her, she doesn't know when to stop. Sarah's mom reveals a terrible secret about her past, but before she can explain the rest, someone kills her. Olivia is guilty of many things, but her recent actions can get her to sit in forever.

'Dead Girls' is loosely inspired by my childhood.


2. Who are the girls?

In this "chapter", I will explain the girls' stories and secrets if you've forgotten.



Megan is the stylish, tall, typical-blonde girl, who is the queen bee off Fairview High. Megan is turning 16, and is therefore the center of attention in Fairview. Megan has a secret, although it hasn't been revealed yet. I have big plans ahead for Megan. 

Gabriella is the aggressive hound with a big heart. Even though she hates her ex-friends, she can't let them get in trouble. Gabriella has a terrible secret that could ruin her reputation for good, but luckily, only one person knows. Sadly, that person is her enemy, Megan. Gabriella used to have financial troubles. Big time. Gabriella is so innocent, isn't she? But I tell you, she's the most guilty of them all.

Pam is the lovestruck, innocent teenager, who lost her mom to a terrible prank. A prank that makes her hatred to her enemies bigger than they could ever imagine. Pam has a secret crush on her sexy teacher, Thomas Rudwick. Will her schoolgirl crush lead her to real love or possibly behind bars? I will for sure find a way to break Pam's heart. I will make her suffer.

Sarah is the too-good-for-school girl, but beneath her tough attitude and flawless looks, there's a broken girl with a troubling past. A past that is going to haunt her soon. Literally. Sarah's secret is a heartbreaking love story.. which her mom is guilty of. When Sarah's mom tells her about her secret affair with Olivia's dad, karma strikes. And karma is about to strike again. 

Olivia is the quiet, bad-luck, crushed girl, who is met with great dispair. She accidentally hits Sarah's mom on her way home (possibly payback?.. hmm) from school, but drives away, making it a hit & run. Olivia needs help from an old friend, but will she do it? I wouldn't. She'd be in deep waters.. once again.

And finally, there's me. I'm always watching, yet I'm not real. I'm the girls' worst nightmare. I'm dead, yet alive. I'm looking for revenge, and I intend to get it. The girls are going to bleed, the girls are going to die, the girls are going to cry for my mercy. But I won't give in to their cries. I will keep fighting them. And I know I will kill them. Once and for all. Until then, bitches.

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