Dead Girls

When five pretty girls dies, hell breaks out. The girls are dead, but no one can know. They must find a way to seek the light before it's too late. Before the stranger gets to them... Megan will do anything to get her position as the Queen Bee of Fairview High back, but someone is in her way. Gabriella's financial troubles are setting her family in a tough position. Pam's mom comitted suicide, which some pretty girls are guilty off, and when her teacher Thomas shows interest in her, she doesn't know when to stop. Sarah's mom reveals a terrible secret about her past, but before she can explain the rest, someone kills her. Olivia is guilty of many things, but her recent actions can get her to sit in forever.

'Dead Girls' is loosely inspired by my childhood.


4. Puppetmaster

These girls are my puppets now. Their souls are mine. I'm their puppetmaster. Their master. You might call me a control freak, but the right word would be soul freak. 

Teenagers nowadays are obsessed with hashtags like #Swag , #NoH8 etc. There's one in particular that crosses my mind. #Yolo. You only live once. That's a complete lie. 

Why are the hashtags relevant? There's actually not an answer. It was just to my amusement.

But back to the girls. I'm their puppetmaster now. Puppetmaster Rowan. Who's Rowan, you ask? You're are about to find out.

Once, there were six girls. Then there were five. Now, there is only one. And she's angry. Real angry.




Megan, Pam, Gabriella, Olivia and Sarah were slowly getting back to life. They remembered everything, yet they didn't seem to know where they were. A loud voice sounded from somewhere the girls couldn't quite hear. 

"I see you've woken up, girls," the voice said. It was a female voice. "Welcome back to life." A high-pitched, eerie giggle emerged. 

"That voice sounds familiar," Sarah pointed out. "Is that.."

"Silence!" the voice screamed. "Do as I say, and you might have a slight chance of returning to your lives." 

The girls looked at each other in confusion. Lightning struck. Crash after crash. The sky was gray with lots of stars on it. 

"You girls died an hour ago, all killed by moi." I said. As you might have discovered by now, I'm the puppetmaster. I'm Rowan. I was the sixth girl, killed by Ferocious Felicia. I was the queen bee of Fairview. I was the girl of everyones' dreams. I got killed by a bitch. A 14-year old bitch. Oh, the disgrace. "We are not friends, but you girls are going to have to be friends, or I'll kill you, once and for all." 

"You see, you girls are dead, yet alive. Revenge is sweet, deadly and a bit bloody. You girls are going to pay for what you did. For what you did to ruin peoples' lives, for all the terrible deeds you've done. Starting with Olivia." 

Olivia looked up, clearly startled. "W-what?"

A high-pitched giggle sounded again. "Don't be such a pushover, you showed me your real you when you made a hit & run on Sarah's mom and got her in coma. Damn, you're such a party animal, you know that?" 

Sarah's eyes flamed. "You what?" she yelled.

"I-I can explain.." Olivia tried. 

"Please, let me do the explaining," I said. "It so happens that Olivia is a pussy, a nonchalant bitch with no sympathy. She didn't even CARE to stop, she just drove by like nothing happened, making it a hit & run. Anything you want to add, sugar?"

Sarah fiercely looked at Olivia. "You bitch!" she screamed, punching her in the stomach. 

"Girls, girls, I'm not finished," I said. "It also happens that a certain someone in her.. ahem, Gabby... helped drown the car. In a lake. Near your house." 

Sarah stopped punching Olivia. "You are all messed up, you crackheads!" she cried. "You are such bitches! How the hell could you do this to me?" 

Olivia began crying. Megan frowned. "Dramaqueen." 

Sarah stared at Megan. "How the hell would you feel if I all of a sudden killed your mom, eh?" 

Megan remained quiet.

"Onto Gabriella, Gabby, Gabbitch. Poor child. You have no money left. How will these girls react when I tell them how you once asked if you could lend lunch money because you "forgot" yours, and instead of buying lunch, you used them to keep your finances stable. Oops, it slipped." 

Gabriella looked embarrassed. "I'm so sorry.." She looked down at her feet. 

"Good thing you're such a good girl, I could have had much more dirt on you."

"Onto Pam. Pam, you're such a naughty, haughty girl. Having a crush on your teacher. What won't your parents think? I've already texted them. Sorry, sugar, but you know how I've always hated you. But there's something far more serious behind those beautiful eyes. Killer, killer, killer!"

Pam had tears in her eyes. "Who the hell are you!" she yelled.

"Quiet!" I said. "Anyways, moving on to.. hmm, what about Sarah? Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Too cool for school? Dumb bitches won't get rich men. You'll end up as Gabby soon. Or wait, maybe if you're lucky, that crush of yours, what was the name again... Anna, might give you some money." 

Sarah looked crushed. 

"Are you actually a lesbo?" Megan said, laughing. 

"Go rot in a hole, prissy princess." Sarah said snarkily. "You can piss your eyes out, I wouldn't care." 

"And then, there's our all time favorite, Megan, the sexy birthday girl. Is this how you wanted to spend your sweet 16, by dying? Even I had a better birthday.. in the grave! Are you wondering why nobody turned up? Has it ever occured to you how much of a snob you are? Ohoho, if only the students at Fairview High knew your terrible secret. Oh wait! That can be arranged." 

I laughed with my high-pitched giggle, a haunting giggle. "Sayonara, bitches. See you in hell."




"So, what do we now?" Olivia asked. The five girls were standing in the unfamiliar forest. 

"I guess we try to find our way back?" Gabby replied. "What do you think, Sarah?"

Everyone looked at Sarah. She'd been quiet all night. 

She looked up at them. "What now?"

"What should we do, idiot?" Prissy Princess Megan asked. 

"Ask Pam, she's a nerd." Sarah said. 

Pam struck a smile. "I say we go east." 

Sarah scoffed. "How do we know where east is, Einstein?" 

"How about you lead us out then, Sarah?" Megan asked ironically. 

After some hours of walking, Pam tripped over a rock. Only, it wasn't a rock. 

"Are you okay, Pam?" Sarah asked, quickly realizing she had shown mercy. 

Pam brushed her hands off and looked at the rock. She quickly regretted it. 

She screamed as loud as she had ever done before. It was her own corpse. Her own rotten corpse. 

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