Dead Girls

When five pretty girls dies, hell breaks out. The girls are dead, but no one can know. They must find a way to seek the light before it's too late. Before the stranger gets to them... Megan will do anything to get her position as the Queen Bee of Fairview High back, but someone is in her way. Gabriella's financial troubles are setting her family in a tough position. Pam's mom comitted suicide, which some pretty girls are guilty off, and when her teacher Thomas shows interest in her, she doesn't know when to stop. Sarah's mom reveals a terrible secret about her past, but before she can explain the rest, someone kills her. Olivia is guilty of many things, but her recent actions can get her to sit in forever.

'Dead Girls' is loosely inspired by my childhood.


1. Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there were five very pretty girls. Five girls who were very troubled. Five girls who didn't know when to stop. Five girls who hated each other because of the things they'd done to ruin peoples' lives. If only they knew what I knew, how they were going to spend an eternity together...

It all began when Megan, the blonde, tall, and sexy girl, invited everyone to her sweet 16 birthday party. She had everything planned out. Her dress was going to say "I'm better than you, bitch", her cake was a sweet dream, sent from heaven. Literally. Her cake was delivered from Georgia in a helictoper. There were no cakes like the ones Martha Jennings made. Unfortunately, Megan had moved away from Georgia and to Fairview four years ago. 

Megan handed out fliers in the hallway. The fliers were encrusted with fake look-a-lot-like jewels. The writing was calligraphy, which Megan claimed she had written, but everyone knew Megan could barely write on paper. She was only writing on her computer and her iPhone. NEVER on a piece of paper.

"Oh, hi Gabriella," Megan said, looking at Gabriella's flawless face. "What brings you here?" 
Gabriella looked startled. 
"Just give me a flier," she said, reaching her hand out. 
Megan snorted. "Ha, you think you can come crash my party. But you know what? You're not invited, you little bitch. Move along."

Megan in a nutshell...




Later that day, Gabriella walked down the hallway with her stunning brown legs and her oh-so-perfect skirt that was a little too skanky for the school policy. Strut, strut, strut. For every step she took, she felt more confident. In the corner of her eye, she saw Jenna. 
"Ugh." she thought. "Slut is back." 

As if on cue, Jenna ran over to Gabriella. The two of them had the same figure and the same ash-brown hair. Gabriella was sure Jenna had dyed her hair to look just like Gabriella. Wannabe. 

"Hi Gabriella!" Jenna said eagerly with a distinct tone of disgust in her voice. "I've really missed you." Jenna smiles and looked innocent. As if anything about her was innocent.

"I'd rather you go over there and play malificent." Gabriella said sharply. "Or would you rather die?" 

"What the hell?" Jenna almost yelled. "You are sick. I wanted to make peace with you, but you want me to die?!" 

Gabriella snorted, looking amused. "Is it financial troubles again?" she said with a sad, provoking face. "Poor Jenna. Literally." 

Jenna's eyes lit up with anger. She raised her hand and slapped Gabriella hard. Very hard. Gabriella had a red hand-mark on her face. 

"You bitch!" she screamed at her. "You poor little slut! You probably make money off of sex!" 

Gabriella pulled Jenna's hair and punched her. 

"How dare you say that?" Jenna cried. "We were once friends, and I told you that because I trusted you!" 

Gabriella took another punch, then a kick, then a bite. 

Finally a group of teachers came and seperated the girls. Both girls were fighting with urge to get out of their grasps, but they were holding them tight. 

"I will call your parents, girls. This is completely unacceptable, and you will get expelled for this behavior!"

As the teachers left with both girls screaming and packing punches on their backs, a thick lock of hair was lying on the ground. Someone in a block hoodie ran over to the lock of hair, picked it up and ran away. 




Pam sat in her class, looking distracted out the window. She saw Jenna's and Gabriella's parents. "What did they do now?" she thought to herself, giggling silently.

Her teacher looked at her with a disappointed look in his face. "Mind sharing what you think is so funny, Pam?" 

Pam looked at her teacher, Thomas Rudwick. His dirty-blonde hair was put in a windswept hairstyle, which made him look young and cute. His cheekbones were even cuter. His crystal blue eyes matched his blue vest. To sum it up, Thomas Rudwick was hot as hell. Her classmates knew that Pam liked Thomas, and they once teased her that she was always wet when he came around. Sure.

"I'm waiting." Thomas said.

Pam looked up at him. "It's just those idiots from the other class," she began. "They're in trouble once again." Pam cocked her head, pointing towards the courtyard where the parents had walked seconds ago. 

"I suppose you are ready to actually learn something now," he said. "Am I right?" He shot her a broad smile, which Pam misunderstood.

He wants me. "Maybe," she said with an innocent smile. "Maybe not."

Thomas scoffed. "I think you should stay after class," he said. Pam's classmates grinned. "We should talk about your behaviour in class." 

For a moment, Pam thought Thomas winked at her, but she quickly realized that he was a teacher, not a toy. Like that's going to stop her.

Pam was a very determined girl. If she had her eyes on something, she'd do a lot to achieve or get it. Only once had she not gotten what she wanted. Revenge. Revenge on the five girls that had bullied her mom to commit suicide. They'd sent her texts, pictures and even blackmailed her. Pam's hatred against those girls had built up for all those years, and she was ready to fire her rage at them, but she never got the chance. 

She scribbled in her notebook. Goal achieved. Almost.




Sarah sat in her couch. She was reading the local newspaper. She was reading an article about a girl who was lost in the area and had just been found dead. 

"Body of missing Missouri girl found in home of elementary school coach: police refuses to investigate" 

"Unbelieveable." Sarah said out loud. Her mother didn't respond. "This 10-year old girl was found dead in her coach's house and the police refuses to investigate." 

Her mother still didn't respond. She was cooking a meal for dinner.

"Mom!" Sarah yelled. 

"What, Sarah?" her mom, whose name was Rowan, answered silently.

"This girl was found dead in her coach's house!" Sarah almost screamed. 

"Calm down, Sarah," her mom began as she walked towards her. "How is this even relevant to Fairview?" 

Sarah almost threw the newspaper in her mom's face. "This is Olivia's little sister, for God's sake!" 

Rowan widened her eyes. "Let me see that." she said, pulling newspaper out of Sarah's hands. Her mom started towards the door. She opened it and almost ran out. 

"Mom, what the hell!?" Sarah screamed at her mom as she followed her out the door. "Where are you going?" 

Her mom didn't turn. Sarah began running towards her. Luckily, she was a trackrunner, a good one at that, so she quickly caught up to her mom. She grabbed her arm and stopped her abruptly. "What are you doing?" Sarah asked. Her mom didn't answer. Tears were forming in her eyes. Sarah saw her mom's bottom lip trembling. All of a sudden, she looked so sick and depressed. "Mom.. what is going on?"

Her mom didn't answer. "MOM!" she screamed. "Come back here!"

Rowan finally turned around. "What do you want from me?" she asked. 

Sarah had never seen her mom like this. "M-mom.. what is going on?" she asked. "Tell me the truth!"

Rowan sighed. "You really want to know the truth?" she asked. 

"Yes, for the sake of God, just tell me!" Sarah cried.

Rowan began explaining. "When you were five, your dad was on a big business trip for around 5 months," she said. "At first I missed him a lot, but then time went and I found comfort in another.. man." 

Sarah didn't like where this was going. 

"We had sex and he got me pregnant." she said. "I gave birth to his child in discretion. I had told your dad I was going on a business trip myself." Tears formed in her eyes, and she was suddenly crying all her mascara out. She looked like a panda. "Andrea is my child. The father got full custody of the child and promised me that he and I would never talk again, and that I would never see my child again." Rowan was sobbing. Sarah could barely hear what her mom said through the sobbing. 

Rain began pouring down. A car was driving in the distance. Suddenly, Rowan started running again. Sarah would have chased her, but after hearing about Andrea, she was frozen to the ground. She was still digesting the news. 


Two bumps. A scream. A thump. 

Sarah screamed as she saw the lifeless body lying on the ground. "MOM!" she screamed, tears rambling down her face. The car that hit her kept driving. A hit & run. "Come back here you shit!" she yelled at the driver. 



Olivia drove down the beatiful cul-de-sac, the rain pounding on her car's windows. Tears were jerking down her face. She had just killed someone. She stopped the car and put her head on the steering wheel. She had actually killed someone. 

"Why the hell did I just drive away?" she said through her cries. "I'm a frigging criminal now." 

She opened the driver's door, leaped out and slammed it hard. She kicked the car with her high heels, not thinking about how expensive it was. "Damn!" she yelled. 

Olivia's auburn hair was a mess. She hurried inside her empty home, which was more accurately a mansion. She slammed the door shut, locked it and hurried up the stairs to her room. 

She threw herself in the pillow and rolled around, screaming. She was going nuts. Her life had been perfect up to this point. She had just become the queen bee again. She was popular. She was actually popular. And then this happened. She was going to be screwed if people found out. 


After a while, she sat up and thought to herself; "I have to get rid of that car."

She ran out the room, down the stairs, out through the kitchen door that led to the garage. Her brown eyes were red. She'd been crying for hours. She scurried inside the car, lit the engine and began driving. She was going to push it into the lake, but she needed help. She had no one to help her. She had no one she could ask. She had nothing. Except. She pulled out her phone, dialed Gabriella's number and waited. One ring. Two rings. 

"Hello?" Gabriella said.

"Gabriella.. it's me," Olivia said. 

"What do you want?" Gabriella snorted, sounding disappointed. 

"I need y-your help.." Olivia began. "Please help me, I beg you. We don't have to be friends." 

Gabriella had once helped Olivia with destroying some video tapes of her shoplifting. Back when they were friends. Before the blackmailing started. Before they had "killed" Pam's mom. 

"You need my help?" Gabriella asked. "You lousy bitch, I thought you were done shoplifting." 

Olivia faked a laugh. "Gabriella, this is something far more serious," she began. "I might have killed someone." 

There was a sudden silence on the phone. 

"Where do you want me to meet you?"




Yes, once upon a time, there were five very pretty girls. Five girls who were very troubled. Five girls who didn't know when to stop. Soon, they'd regret that they didn't learn how to stop. They'd regret everything they'd done. They'd get what they deserved. These bitches are going down, and I'm going to make sure it's not going to be silent.

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