Dead Girls

When five pretty girls dies, hell breaks out. The girls are dead, but no one can know. They must find a way to seek the light before it's too late. Before the stranger gets to them... Megan will do anything to get her position as the Queen Bee of Fairview High back, but someone is in her way. Gabriella's financial troubles are setting her family in a tough position. Pam's mom comitted suicide, which some pretty girls are guilty off, and when her teacher Thomas shows interest in her, she doesn't know when to stop. Sarah's mom reveals a terrible secret about her past, but before she can explain the rest, someone kills her. Olivia is guilty of many things, but her recent actions can get her to sit in forever.

'Dead Girls' is loosely inspired by my childhood.


5. It's Springtime, Girls

Megan strutted down the ugly hallway. Beige walls, grass-green floor and blue lockers. A disaster. Just like her party. Her guests attended, but Megan herself didn't. Her cake collapsed on it's way in. Megan's dress was extremely dirty. Did I also mention that she died?

She walked down Lincoln hallway. All of Fairview High's hallways were named after presidents of the USA. She heard whispering about her horrible party. It was the only thing people had been talking about the last days. 




"Oh my God, Pam, are you alright?" 

Pam's eyes were filled with disgust and shock. "I-is this me?" 

Sarah unlocked her iPhone and turned on the flashlight. She turned the light to the corpse. "I'm afraid it is, Pam." she said. "I'm so sorry." 

Pam's eyes began wetting. "How did this happen?"

Olivia and Gabby looked at each other. "Well... we saw you that night. Well, maybe it was tonight. But we saw you crawling on the road. When we stepped out of the car to look for you, you were gone. We thought you had gone into the forest, so we went in there to look for you. When we finally found you, we were hunted down by your possible killer. When I turned around, I saw both you and Gabby lying on the ground." 

Pam was shaking her head in denial. "This can't be happening." 

"Wait, the corpse is rotten." Sarah suddenly said. "Something's off. If the corpse is rotten, it's been here for a long time. Someone might have tampered with it." Everyone looked at Sarah. "What? I like dead things?" 

Megan gasped. "You're really creepy, Sarah." She chuckled nervously. "Pam, do you remember anything from the night?"

Pam was thinking. "Well, I was out... drinking with this college frat I met a few months earlier." 

"College frat. Hot" Olivia said.

"Shut up!" Pam almost screamed. "I'm dead serious!" She paused. "He gave me this special drink. He'd mixed it himself." 

Gabby made an O with her mouth. "Is he a bartender and a college frat?" 

"Oh my gosh, pull your shit together!" Sarah yelled. "She's dead! We just found her damn corpse! She is dead! Freaking dead! This crap isn't normal, we have to figure out what the hell happened, so shut up, you idiots!" 

Everyone looked shocked. 

"Sorry." Olivia snickered. 

"When he went to the toilet, I went to the window to look at the mountains." Pam continued. "When I came back, I saw that my glass had moved. I thought it was just one of those ladies who clean the table, but I think someone might have put something in my drink." 

"Do you have a receipt?" Sarah asked. 

"Why would I have a receipt?" Pam asked. "I got it for free!"

A scream sounded in the distance. 

"What was that?" three of the girls said at the same time. 

"Help me!"

Olivia gasped. Gabby screamed. Megan turned around nervously. Sarah and Pam jumped.

Sarah was the first to take action. "Girls, someone could be in danger." She yelled. "It could be that crazy girl." Sarah marched on. 

"What about me?" Pam screamed. "My corpse is right here! What if someone finds it and thinks I'm dead? I'd have to answer so many questions and probably end up arrested! Those pranks are illegal!"

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