Love Saves a Life

Chloe goes threw a lot in her life. bullied an perents getting divorced takes over her social life. finally Zach and Miya do any thing they can to help Chloe. Miya is Chloe's best friend and Zach is Chloe's new boyfriend help stop bullying for the young. every 15 seconds a teen commits suicide you are not alone.


3. Weekend bullies

  It was the weekend, Miya spent the night at Chloe's house. They had planed to have so much fun for the weekend. Most things a normal teenage girl would do. They had some movies layed out so they can play them off Chloe's laptop.

  When they put on a movie, about fifteen minuets later she got an email. It was from Micheal.

  Chloe opened the email to see what he had said to her, she read out lould. "Hello skank, hope you are enjoying your weekend because now I have your email address and I can message you when ever I want, and you can't stop me." Right away Chloe changed her email address, but some how he got that one too.

  When the girls finished their movie, they reported the messages from the emails as an abuse online. Next thing they knew, Miya's phone went off. It was a private number so she could not call back. The private number called again, so she answered it. It was Micheal, again. "Chloe? How did he get my number?" Miya asked her. "I don't know."

  Miya had thought that Chloe gave him her phone number until her's went off also.

  The girls turned their phones off hoping that would solve the problem, but when they woke up the next morning Micheal had blown up their phones, message after message and call after call. Miya tried to call back but every thing he did, he made it private.

  Chloe and Miya ate breakfast and went out side for a walk to the park. On their was to the park they saw the cheerleaders from the school. When they saw Miya and Chloe they just laughed and pointed at them.  Miya and Chloe just kept walking.

  The cheer captin dated Micheal, her name was Megan. Megan walked up to Miya and asked her if she could help her with the dance coming up? "Sure, why not." she replied.

  Miya told Chloe she would meet up with her later so she could come back to her house. Chloe walked home bye her self and waited on Miya to come back.

  She waited all after noon for Miya to come back but she never did. Chloe went on to bed and fell asleep. Maybe Miya was busy and couldn't come back, she will most likely come back over tomorrow.

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