Love Saves a Life

Chloe goes threw a lot in her life. bullied an perents getting divorced takes over her social life. finally Zach and Miya do any thing they can to help Chloe. Miya is Chloe's best friend and Zach is Chloe's new boyfriend help stop bullying for the young. every 15 seconds a teen commits suicide you are not alone.


2. School

  Chloe and Miya was walking down the hall getting ready to go to class. They heard their names called out. "LOOK! It's Chloe the skank and her si-kick Miya!" Every one in the school laughed at them. Miya snaped back to take up for her and Chloe, but Chloe just ran into the bathroom. 

  Chloe started to cry when she was in the bath room, while Miya was out in the hall fussing back. She was scared to take up for herself because she didn't want to say anything stupid and get made fun of even more.

The school bell rang. Chloe was still in the bathroom crying. Her teacher, Mrs. tucker, came to look for her. She saw Chloe in the corner crying, and asked whats wrong?

Nothing is wrong I'm just tired today and not feeling well." "Are you sure Chloe, you look really upset." "Yes I am sure, I'm good." "well I'm going to give you a few minuets then I want you to come back to class, okay?" "Yes ma'am."

A few minuets later Chloe entered class. It was really quiet that day. Every one was looking at her when she entered her class. Miya was waiting on her to sit down next to her. Chloe sat down, Miya asked her if she was okay? Chloe replied "Yea, I'm fine."

  The bell rang for lunch. Chloe had a salad, her favorite. Miya had brought a lunch to school, she could not afford a school lunch. Every now and then Chloe would buy her a bag of chips and some ice cream.

  When the day was over they walked home together, to enjoy a snack and watch some funny things on the internet.

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