Love Saves a Life

Chloe goes threw a lot in her life. bullied an perents getting divorced takes over her social life. finally Zach and Miya do any thing they can to help Chloe. Miya is Chloe's best friend and Zach is Chloe's new boyfriend help stop bullying for the young. every 15 seconds a teen commits suicide you are not alone.


7. Miya Tries to Help

  Miya wanted to do anything she could to help Chloe for after what she did to herself. Before school she went to the head teacher for some help. As she was talking to the teacher she did not realize that Megan and her boyfriend, Micheal was listing to the conversation. When Miya got done talking to the teacher she turned around to see the two laughing. "What have I done! Now Bubble Brain and Preppy Doll Brat knows what had just happened to Chloe the other day. Every thing is now all kinds of bad, bad, bad, bad. Now she will never forgive me." Miya thought. "Look here, you two lay off Chloe and keep your mouth shut." Miya yelled as they laughed so hard.

  Megan told her entire squad what happened and Micheal told the entire football team. The rumors began so fast Miya didn't even notice that people where staring at Chloe when they was walking down the hall. She had no idea what to do. Miya pulled Chloe into the bathroom and explained what happened. At first Chloe was upset with Miya but she can't blame her for wanting to help. The only thing Chloe had a problem with was that the bullying is now going to get worst and soon the whole school was against her. Micheal was already sending her emails every day picking on her and calling her names. There was nothing she could do, now they are about to turn the whole school against her.

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