Love Saves a Life

Chloe goes threw a lot in her life. bullied an perents getting divorced takes over her social life. finally Zach and Miya do any thing they can to help Chloe. Miya is Chloe's best friend and Zach is Chloe's new boyfriend help stop bullying for the young. every 15 seconds a teen commits suicide you are not alone.


8. Chloe's thoughts

  Chloe got to thinking. "What am I on earth for? I mean apparently every one hates me. My mom wont even help me. What if I was never here? Would every thing be better? Would Miya be picked on also for hanging out with me? Is every thing all my fault? I feel It is." Chloe wrote her first suicide note. That night Chloe tried to kill herself but she couldn't.

  "MOM HELP!" Her mom came running in the room right away. "What is it Chloe? Are you okay?" "Yes I am fine, but, I feel like I don't belong here. I mean come on, apparently every one hates me." "Why would every one hate you?" Her mom asked? Chloe picked up her arm and showed her mom the marks she made a few days back. "This, Mom, this is why... I am sorry I promise I will never do it again!" Chloe broke down in tears. "Oh my god, babygirl what would you do this?!" She asked. " I thought it would make me feel better, make me feel like I was real, still alive. Seeing my blood made me realize I am only human. I am not perfect. There is a reason everyone hates me and it's because of who I am." "Why would every one have you because of who you really are?" Her mom asked. "BECAUSE I AM NOT LIKE THEM! WHY DO YOU THINK? CAN'T YOU SEE I AM BEING BULLIED NON STOP AND YOU WONT EVEN HELP ME!" "AS YOUR MOTHER WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO DO? THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU CHLOE! I TRY MY HARDEST FOR YOU BUT YOU NEVER TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG. Now ... clean your self up, get ready for bed doll. "Fine." Chloe got quiet and went to bed right away.

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