Love Saves a Life

Chloe goes threw a lot in her life. bullied an perents getting divorced takes over her social life. finally Zach and Miya do any thing they can to help Chloe. Miya is Chloe's best friend and Zach is Chloe's new boyfriend help stop bullying for the young. every 15 seconds a teen commits suicide you are not alone.


10. Chloe Gets a Date

  Chloe knew the school dance was coming up. She did not know if she should go or not because of all the drama going around right now. She really didn't trust any one.

  Chloe was walking down the hall when, she saw her crush! His name Is Zach, Chloe has crushed on him since 5th grade. "Hey, Chloe, can I talk to you just for a sec?"

  Her heart was pounding. "Had he heard about the rumors. Does he hate me now? Oh, what if he just llooks at me and laughs." her head was racing.

  "Yeah, sure. What is it?" She replied and followed him by the lockers.

 " I have a confession to make to you Chloe. I have liked you for so long, and I heard about the rumors going around. I hate that people can treat you like that, but any ways will you please go to the dance with me. Also, be my girlfried?"

Chloe's heart was racing. She could not help but to yell, "Oh my gosh yes! I have been waiting on you to ask me that for so long! Yes! Yes! Yes!. ..... I mean cough* cough* ... sure why not? haha pick me up at 7:30 before dance?"

  Zach starting laughing, but not the laugh as he was making fun, but the laugh that he was shy and loved how he reacted. "Deal. haha "

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