Hana's story

about my oc Hana and her story: Brought into the world no mother no father it is unknown how she got here lived in the forest since she was born until one day another thing just like her appeared into this deep part of the forest.


4. The party

Samantha dressed me in the finest dress I had it was long , silver and it had tiny silver sequins glittering in the light. my hair was up in a bun with two pieces left to curl round my face in little ringlets, Samantha gave me her silver necklace and kissed me on the head. I remember her saying "you look beautiful Hana"  then she opened the door for me to head down the long winding stairway.

Stuart tapped his fork against his glass and the music stopped. All eyes turned towards me, I leant against the banister and began to make my way down the stairs my other hand holding my dress up. I remembered all my skills , Stuart had taught me how to be a lady.

Trying not to fall over or make a mistake I looked around all the faces. Most of the ladies were astonished and looked as if they were going to cry but when I looked at stuart he smiled and a tear fell.

Everyone came up to me and fussed over me. I didn't like it so I sat in the corner away from everyone while they danced. The song finished and Stuart requested another then grabbed Samantha. I remember seeing how happy they were, I giggled.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder I turned around sharply and looked at this boy.

He stood awkwardly and coughed slightly before holding out his hand and asking me to dance. Blushing, I looked over to Stuart and while he was twirling around with Samantha he saw me and nodded his head slightly.

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