Hana's story

about my oc Hana and her story: Brought into the world no mother no father it is unknown how she got here lived in the forest since she was born until one day another thing just like her appeared into this deep part of the forest.


2. So clear

I remember flopping onto the bed and nuzzling my face into the soft pillows. Stuart told me to get changed I couldn't really understand him seeing as I couldn't speak at all. he showed me the dress and tried to put it on me. I moved and wrestled him out of the way then shoved him out the door I understood now that I had to get changed. All that I have been wearing in the forest was a blanket and nothing on my feet I managed to suit the blanket in a way it could fit and cover me up , the dress I had to put on was pink and puffy I looked away and put on the brown corset along with the black underskirt and I ripped it to a suited length. I spotted some boots they looked like feet so I guessed I  had to put them on my feet , they had gold zips up the side.

The boots were just above my ankles and they were grey. I heard a knock on the door and a little lady with a long grey dress and auburn hair in a bun walked in. her name was Samantha and she was the maid in this house. She wasn't very pleased with what I did to the underskirt and the fact I hadn't put the dress on made her a bit angry but I raced out of the room and downstairs before she could put the dress on me.

I jumped down the stairs over the banister and landed on my feet. my golden hair flopped over my face. "Well now you need a name don't you" Stuart walked towards me and brushed the hair out of my face. "lets call you.. Hana" . I looked at him and he was smiling I imitated him and then nodded my head I liked the way hana sounded I liked that name.

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