Hana's story

about my oc Hana and her story: Brought into the world no mother no father it is unknown how she got here lived in the forest since she was born until one day another thing just like her appeared into this deep part of the forest.


3. Learn the alphabet

Stuart told me about the alphabet and he taught me all about it " a.. b..c..d..uhm.." yep I still have trouble with it but you can make different words with it that's how I can read and write now but back then I wasn't very good and I wasn't good at talking. "e..f..g..h..i..j..k..l..m..n.. uhm" anyway after weeks of tutoring and learning new words and how to talk.. I found a voice I was very quiet and stuart taught me how to speak like a lady.

" The Rrrrrrrain in spaaain falls mainly on the plaaaaains" I remember having to do that rolling my R's and over exaggerating my sentences. Stuart was happy with me however Samantha wasn't my room was always messy ,  I hated baths my hair always came undone and stuck out of the bun because I loved to pull up my dress and run through the acres  of field and meadow.. I wasn't allowed in the forest a lot but I did anyway. The forest was one of my favourite places I remember finding little rabbits and foxes there was all sorts of wildlife!

it had been a year I had learnt a lot in that year I now knew how to do maths , read , write and speak. Stuart called a lot of people to come round the house one day, he thought I was ready now , ready to speak and interact with others but I wasn't so sure...

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