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''You're late.'' Dad aka my coutch staited as I walked out where the ring was. He was always like that. If I'm late, it means extra hour or harder training. But by this time I got used to it and so now I have no problem.


''I would been sooner, but Damon Lewis wanted to chat with me-''


''And you thought it was okey to do it?!'' He raised an eyebrow looking at me.


''-Dad! No! But I do have great news and it has something to do with him.'' I smirked as dad rasied both of his eyebrows as if saying go on. ''So we made this, uh, deal, but that's not inporten, what's inporten is that I have to fight him on Friday.''


''Than you better start training.'' Grabbing the boxing bag, he held it in the place while I strated hitting the bag. ''Knowing you, there's two wins. Can I know them?''


I sighed as I hit the bag. ''If he wins I have to go on date with him, if I win he'll leave Kyle alone. Oh, and did you know that he was one of the people who talked him into drinking?''


''Thank c'mon, princess, you're gonna win.''






''Sis, can we talk?'' Kyle asked as I reached the top of the stairs. Giving him questioning look, I nodded anyways. Leading the way we walked in his room and he closed the door behind me.


Dropping my black duffle bag, that held my training guir and stuff for boxing, on the floor. I crossed my arms over my chest. ''What?''


''You talked with Damon.'' Oh, I guess it's out there and no hiding behind bushes. Raising and eyebrow, I looked at him with bored look on my face. ''And what's this - if you win in boxing he's gonna leave me alone? WHAT THE FUCK ALEX?!''


Rolling my eyes, I bend down and picked up my duffle. ''It wasn't my idea to start that shit, but I'm doing what's best for you.''


''Best for me?!'' He laughed. I know he's my brother, but no one laughes in my face and I mean NO ONE. ''Or best for you? You're just worried about that stupid reputation of yours.''


''Well atleast I have one!'' And with that I stormed out of his room and into mine. Shutting my room door as loud as I can. Ugh, I wanted to hit him so bad. I hate him! I was just trying to help him and protec him. Was it that bad?


Sitting on my bed, I was statered when my phone went off in side of my duffle. Pulling the bag over to myself, I zipped it opend and took out my phone. Looking at the screen one new messaged was deplaised on the screen.


From: Unknown

           Hey it's Justin, I hope you don't mind, I asked your friends for your number.-


Rianna you'll get it.


           -I just wanted to know if you can work on the project today? If no, that's okey. 


Slidding the phone in the back pocket of my jeans, I walked out of my room and downstairs into the livingroom where dad was reading his news paper. ''Hey dad,'' I called out, making him look up from the piece of paper. ''we need to do this project for English class, and I was wondering if I can go over to my partners house and work on it.''


Folding the paper in half, he looked down at his wrist, where his silver wristwatch was lieing and than back at me. ''Okey.'' he nodded. ''But you have to be home by nine thirdy.'' Flashing him a smile, I skipped back upstairs and grabbed my school bag aka normal bag.


On my to the car, I texted back.


To: Justin


           Yeah, I can. Text me the adress, btw I'm on my way.


Throwing the phone and the bag on pasangers seat, I started the car and pulled out of the drive way and onto the road. Thridy minutes and five misst turns later, I finally arived at Justin's house. Parking the car on the side of the road -next to the footpath- I got out.


Ringing the doorbell I took a step back and waited till someone opens the door. Few seconds later foot steps where heard coming in the direction of the door and a young, looking lady opend them. ''Hello.'' 


''Um, hi.'' I smiled. ''Is, uh, Justin home?''


''Yes, he is.'' Stepping on the side she let me in. ''Do come in.'' Walking in the house, she closed the door and called Justin. Once agian, few minutes later foor steps were heard and now Justin was coming for the door. Of course not opened them. 


''Hey.'' He smiled. Not knowing what to say or do, I nodded and smiled. What?! I know, okey heard about the kid only today. ''Mom we'll be in my room.'' His mom nodded and so we were walking up to his room.


''So any ideas on who we could make it?'' I asked once we were in his room and I was sitting on his bed.


''Yeah.'' he nodded, taking his own seat on a camputer chair next to his desk. ''Have you heard of that boxer. Alex Patrol.'' I could feel the blood freze inside of me. Shit no. ''I was thinking we make it about him.'' Oh, he didn't call me a dude.


''Why?'' I choked out.


He simply shrugged. ''I don't know. But if you have any other person in mind, that's cool.'' Well, I didn't know on who we could make the project, so I'll just go with my self.


Remember, you have to show no emotion what's so ever when he speaks about you thinking that you're a guy. A voice in my mind said, more as reminded me.


Nodding to him, in agreement on the famous person, I smiled a fake smile. I just hope he doesn't find out. ''Okey so it's settald.'' Standing up, he rubbed both of his hands. ''We could start next week.''


What? Standing up my self, I looked at him. ''So this is why I needed to come?!'' I asked, slightly yelld. ''You gotta be kidding me. In this time, while I'm here I could be home practasing.''


''Practasing what?''


I panicked and the first thing that came to my mind. I wasn't suppost to say practasing or any thing a long those lines. ''The piano.'' Swinging the bag's strap over my sholder, I looked over at Justin. ''I should go.''


With that said I was gone as wind. I almost gave away who I was. Me and my big mouth. I should learn how to keep that thing shut when it's not needed. Once I was in the safty of my own car, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in.


Fishing my phone out of my bag, I searched my contacts till I came to the one I was looking for. Pressing call, I waited till she picked up. ''Yellow?''


''Black.'' We laughed, but soon enough calmed down. ''Hey, Ri, what are you doing?''


''Nothing.'' I could already see her shrugged. ''Why?''


''I need to talk.'' Was enough for her. After dicaiting on meeting in Starbucks we hungged up, and I took of to the most famous coffee shop in whole town.






Slidding in a free booth, I drummed my finger tips againts the side of the tabel as I waited for Rianna to show up. ''Sorry I'm late.'' Couple minutes later voice spoked up and Rianna slide in the booth -opposite of me- taking her seat.


''Don't worry.'' I send her resuring smile. ''I already orderd both of us cup of coffee.'' She nodded and probably waited till I tell her why I needed to talk. Not waiting anything more, I began my ''story''. ''So for our project Justin dicaited to make it about Alex Patrol. He thinks that Alex is a guy, and I almost blew my cover.''


''Wait, he thinks Alex is a dude.'' You could see the amusment in her eyes. She nodded and colected her self at the sametime a young, looking male brought our coffees. Sending him a smile in thank you matter, Ri spoked up. ''Babe, I don't know how I can help you in this one.''


''I know.'' I replayed, dropping my head on the tabel and looking down at the floor below the tabel. ''I need a new cover because I said I was playing the piano.''


''A piano?! Are you serious?'' She laughed, caughting on her coffee. I nodded and kept on looking down below. The guy should clean it up, under here. ''Okey . . . How about you try working on the project in school or the libery?''


''That's briliant.'' I said looking at Rianna, who was smilling like an idot. ''But can you take that smile off of your face? It's creeping me out.'' Half and hour later I was in my car once again, this time on my way home.


Parking in my usual place, I killed the engine and got out, taking my bag in the process. After locking the door, I walked up the front porch and walked in, locking the front door after words. ''So how'd it went?'' Dad asked as I walked past the living room. 


''Oh, it went well.'' I lied, but oh well. Heading up the stairs, I looked at Kyle's room door, but didn't make any effect on going to see how he was or apolagize. Walking in my room I shut the door and got ready for the bed.



on the top justin played by justin bieber

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