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 Walking out of my Math class the first thing that cought my attention was my brother and Damon. ''Damon, where are you going?'' Kyle asked as Damon was walking away with his ''crew''. I seriously don't see how they -Damond and those shits- can be the most liked guys in school.


''It's none of ya bussines.'' He spat back and the other guys snickers. Idots.


''What? How? Dude, we're friends.'' My brother tried to reason, but no such luck


Damond turned around and glared at Kyle. ''We're not friends anymore! And you know why? You can thank your sister, that's why!'' He shouted and turned around, hurring out the door. And this was my que to head for the girl locker rooms.


But could've caused Demon Lewis -the most popularest guy in school- to actuality listen to sophmore. I thought that he took it as a joke 'cause you know he toled me I hit week ass punches. Shrugging that off, I walked in the locker rooms.






''Okey, today lady's we're gonna play football (a/n soccer since that's what it's cold in usa.)!'' Mrs Lee shouted and groans were heard coming from the line of us girls. I don't get why they don't like football. ''Team up!''


Since we were twelve girls, than there were perfect teams. 6:6. Blowing her whistle I pulled back my right leg and swinging it forword, sending the ball flying. Ten minutes into the game my team aka the Red Flamingo, as one of the Barbie's called it, were winning.


Running to the side for team mate change, I sat down on the wooden bench. ''You playin'?'' I asked to school's (drama) princess aka Milly Andrews. She shook her head and kept on filing her names. ''Of course.'' I murderd to myself and watched the intance football game that was going on.


But soon my attention driffed off to the opposite side of the football field. Justin! I tryed to look away, but before I could finish my actions he noticed me and started jogging over to me. ''Hey.'' He callled out when he was just few feet away.


Giving away a slight waive I looked back at the game. ''So I was wondering where we're doing the project...'' He trailed off, eyeing the game to before turning back to me.


Shrugging, I didn't look at him. ''We can do it at the library.''


''Uh...'' he looked around as if looking for the right words. ''How 'bout your or my house?''


''If we're doing it at someone's house, than yours.'' I finally looked up at him. He merly nodded and walked away. Few seconds later chears were heard from the field, and the Red Flamingo's were dancing around since they were all so girly. Always wearing pink. Ew.


Standing up, I walked as fast as I could back to the locker rooms. I wasn't and won't ever be ready to dance there stupid little dance and chear in high, pitch voice. No, just no.


Pulling on the black skinny jeans, I button the button and tied my black Convors sneakers. Swinging mu duffle bag over my sholder, I took my bag and slipped out of the locker room, just in time, before the ''girls'' could see me.


Walking down the hall, I pulled out my phone and diald Ri's number. After three rings she picked up, all out of the breath. ''Hey. . . Alex. . .''


''Ey, hey. What are you doing?'' I asked, dialing the combination for my locker. 42 left; 6 right and 21 left. Janging the locker door open, I rested my hip againts the side of the door.


''Oh, I'm running from your brother.'' She gushed. ''I'll call you when I get away.'' She called through the phone.


''Yeah, okey.'' I replayed. ''Oh, and say hi to Kyle from me, yeah?''


''Mmh.'' And after that the line went dead. Slidding my phone in the back pocket of my jeans, I put the duffle bag on the floor of the locker and reached -on my tipi-toes- for my History book, along with the newest magazine of Teen Vouge.


Closing the locker door, I turned around and with the back of mine, hit the locker. ''Look where ya fuck are going!'' I hissed.


''Oh, sorry.'' A very familier voice said. ''But than again I'm not sorry.''






''What do you fucking want, because I don't have time.'' I tapped my foot aginst the floor. ''I need to get to class.''


''You may know that I chaised your little friend...'' He smirked. Oh, I would love to beat that smirk right off of his face.


''Yeah, I know. She told me.''


''Than you must know that I need to talk to you.'' The tone of his voice bacame darker and scarier, or maybe not. I don't know. ''How do you dare to tell my friends to leave me alone?!''


''LAST TIME I CHECHED DEMON WASN'T ANY FRIEND OF YOURS. HE'S THE FUCKING ONE WHO FUCKING TALKED YOU INTO DRINKING!'' I shouted in his face. Just like yesterday - not caring that everyone could here me. ''Now, if you excume me, I got class to attend.''


Walking down the hall -away from Kyle-, I got some dirty looks. Most of them were from the school sluts, who actuality adored my brother. Like I said - ew. Reaching room 214 aka History class, I pushed the door open and walked in.


Reaching my seat at the back of the class room, I sat down at my dess, and took my phone. Quicly writting a text to Ri.


To: RiRi

           Hey, I saw my brother. Made another yelling fets in the hall. lol. Oh, and I got you coverd with the new Teen Vouge.


After pressing 'send', it didn't took long to my phone buzz and get an answer from her.


From: RiRi

           Haha. But doesn't he get... you know... emberast? And you're my lifesaver; my God. Oh gurl I luv you <33


To: RiRi

           Idk. Yeah anyways, see ya in lunch. Have fun in Math :))


From: RiRi

           Kk.^_^ Ugh, I will *sarcams*, but you better don't have much fun in History :D


Quietly laughing to myself, I locked my phone and put it back in it's place. Few seconds later the bell ranged and Mr Hock walked in front of the room. ''Good day class.'' Here we go. ''Today we'll be talking about the winter war between The Soviet Union and Finland...''


Sinking deaper into my desk, I played with my phone. Ever since two months ago, I've been stucked on the level 142, and I can't get past it. Being in this gamne for about five or ten minutes, I dicaited to give up. Puffing out air, I sat up staight.


''In 1939 USSR with their troops when onto atteck Finland, in hopes to win.'' He pointed in the 100 year old map, the way, must have gone. What could be more worse than to listen about World War II? ''But hoewer they didn't win. Finland won.''


I was about to fall asleep, when something hit the back of my head. Looking down at the floor, I noticed crumpled piece of paper ball. Picking it up, I uinfoldet the paper and read what's on it.


           If you fall asleep, Mr Hock will give you two week long detention.


Take the pencil that lyed on the top of the school desk, I scribled an answer.


           How do you know that?



Folding it back up, I truned around and threw it to Allen. Who smoothly caught it. Well. . .  he is one of the players on the basketball team. If you view it like that, than there are so many students in this school who are doing something with sports.


There the football team; the volleyball team for girls and guys; the basketball team; the soccer team once again for girls and guys and more. Yeah, and than there's me. The Boxer.


Getting hit on the back of the head once agian, I picked up the note; read it and wrote back.


           Because I went there.



           Really? It must suck because he's sooo boring.



So one we got into little chart over a flying piece of paper. The rest 30 minutes went by so fast and it was time for lunch. Getting all my books, I hurried to my locker, stuffed them in and baisacly ran for the cafeteria. Entering, I scaned the place for Rianna.


''Hey.'' I said once I sat down next to her. My tray with my usual already on the tabel. ''And thank.'' Flashing her a smile, I digged in my lunch.


''No prob.'' She smiled her self. ''So how did it go? I mean History.''


Nodding, that I undterstood what she was talking about, I spoked. ''Did you know that Allen Whiteflower is chill and cool guy?''






''You made it.'' Justin said, once he opend the front door of his house. Rolling my eyes, I walked past him. ''Mom's at work. We have the whole house to our selfs.''


Ignoring what he just said, I turned around I looked at him. ''So where are doing the project?''


''We can do it in the livingroom.'' He nodded his head to the right. Turning my head, sure there was a very nice and clean livingroom. Big, cream coloured couch, a glass coffee tabel infront of it and a plazma TV hanging on the wall. ''C'mon.'' He spoked, walking infront off me.


''So what are we doing?'' I sat down, setting my bag down on the carped floor. ''I mean we know on who we're making it, but how are we doing this?''


''While I was waiting for you, I went on Google and searched him.'' Taking his laptop from the coffee tabel, he opend it and mentioned for me to come closer. Scooting closer to him, I tryed to keep my distance. ''So this is what I found out...''


Pointing to the screen where information about me was written, but no picture. Thank, God. I started reading the text.


Alex Patrol is well know in boxing. For 17 yera old, she's four year, soon to be five year, chempion when it comes to boxing. Her coatch or rather her dad Rob Patrol is the one that thought her everything she knows.


She have boxed and trained with someone of the biggest stars in boxing history. Everytime she did, she beat them with out breaking a sweat. However at the start of her career no one took her seriously, but now they do. And she one of the tuff nuts in the boll.-


''So, I was thinking that we use that.'' He looked over to me, probably to see what I have to say. ''And did ya know she was a girl?''


Duh, I am her. You idot. I wanted to say, but bit down on my tounge and looked back at him. ''Yeah, we can use that. But like I said how are we doing this?''


''Well we could make it on big piece of paper, you know, like a poster.''


''That's actauality not a bad idea.'' I smiled, probably for the first and last time infront of him. Like seriously how can I smile if my life is on the line. Anything can go wrong and he could find out who I am. Standing up, I looked down at him. ''Um, where's the bathroom?''


''Oh,'' He stiffened a laugh. Boy, it's nothing to laugh about. ''It's down th hall tired door on left.'' Nodding, I walked out of the livingroom and down the only hallway that was on the first floor. Entering the white bathroom -What's with people and white bathrooms?- I sat down on (closed) lid of the toilet and pulled out my phone.


After pressing call at her name it ranged around four times before she picked up. ''Hey, what's up?''


''What's up?'' I over asked, little scoffing in the process. ''I'll tell you what's up. He found more information about me, and just now he found out that I'm a girl.''


''Isn't that good?'' She asked, and I could just imagine her forowing her eyebrows. ''I mean he won't talk about you as a guy.''


''I'm not worried about that, I'm worried that he'll find out.''


''Do another-''


''Can't.'' I cut her off. ''By the way he yesterday told me that he wants to do it about me - he won't back down.''


''Well than do whatever you can, so he doesn't get a lot of information about you.'' She raplayed. ''But now I gotta go, mom needs me.''


''Bye.'' And so the line went dead. Sliding the phone back in my pocket, I looked myself in the mirror and than walked out of the bathroom. If I've stayed in there any longer, he would probably came looking for me. ''You ready to start it?''



on the top rianna played by chanel celaya

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