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''You can do better than that.'' Dad said as he still stood tall infront of me. ''I know you can hit harder.'' Hitting with more force I got him to stumble a bit to back. ''Harder.'' He demeneted. By now I was giving everything I got.


''Oh, Rob, give her a break.'' Sudenlly mom's voice echoed through the basement. ''And come eat you two.'' And with that she was gone, just like that.


''You heard your mom,'' dad spoked as he took of the protection giur. ''go eat.''


''I think she ment both of us.'' I replayed as I pulled of my red boxing glowes. 


''Oh don't get sassy with me.'' Dad gave me his usual look, but soon enought we both were laughing. ''C'mon, let's go.'' He patted my back as we walked up the stairs. Me and my dad had amazing relationship. It wasn't all like daughted and father, it was more as son and father.


You see I'm not like all the other girls out there, who look like Barbie's and cry when they break a nail. Oh, no. I'm much more than that. I'm the chempion when it comes to boxing. I'm a start in men's sport


''I was starting to think you two went back to training.'' Mom commented when me and dad walked in the dinning room. My eyes falling on the chair where my brother should sit. Noticing that, mom spoked up once again. ''Where's your brother, Alex?''


''Last time I saw him, was at the end of the school day, he was getting in one of his friends cars and than they drove off.'' I shrugged and took a bite out of the stake. 


''That boy will gate in trouble one day.''


''Honey,'' dad spoked up. ''don't worry. I bet he's fine.''


Ha, fine. Nice joke dad. I was ready to say it, but I kept my mouth shut. I didn't want to worry mom. I knew where they were going. I knew what he was doing. Of course he didn't know that I knew and that I could tell mom and dad about his after school ''activities''. 


But I won't be that sister... maybe. Even if I tell he got nothing on me. As soon as mom and dad stopped talking the front door opend and the voice of my brother echoed through the house. ''I'M HOME.'' He's in deep shit.


Woboling in the dinning room, he looked at mom and than at dad. ''Where were you?'' Dad stood up and walked over to Kyle. ''Have you been drinking?!'' He questioned, well more as damanted, when he was close enough.


I'm suprised he didn't notice that from here, 'cause I surely can feel the way he reacks from alcohol. ''Honey,'' This time mom spoked, too broken from the fact that her son drinks.


''Can I be excused?'' I asked, I wasn't going to sit here and enjoy the show. That would be bad from my side.


''Yes, sweety.'' Mom smiled at me, but mere seconds later that smile was gone. Standing up from my seat, I took my plate and glass of orange juice and walked out of the dinning room. Heading up the stairs I could here my dad yelling.


''WHY CAN'T YOU BE LIKE YOUR SISTER.'' Great comperment, dad. You should really compere your son to his younger sister. I thought sacasraclly. ''YOU'RE GROUNDED FOR WHOLE MONTH.''


''DAD!'' Kyle yelld, and just now I could imagine him begging. ''YOU-'' the rest I didn't here when I shut the door to my room. Putting my diner down on my desk, I reached for my laptop and turned it on. Cliking on the Google Chrome browser, I typed in the URL bar youtube.


When youtube load I waited no time to write Cher Lloyed Riot in the search bar. I was like obbsesst with that song, and many more. It wasn't even funny. Pressing play on the first video I let her voice fill my room.


It was exactly fifteen minutes later when a knock was heard through Taylor Swift's smooth voice. Making out a soft come in, the door opend and my mom stepped in. ''Sweety, can I talk to you?'' 


Pushing my books away, I fully turned to my mother, who had that worry look that almost every mother haves time-from-time. ''Sure.''


Taking a seat on my king size bed, she looked directly at me. As I was tought by my father I looked right back at her. His words once again repeating in my head. ''Whatever you do, never and I repeat NEVER take your eyes off of your oponment.''


''Did you know?''


''Mom,'' I started and got up from my seat, so I could sit next to her. Something like this was never good for our family. Even though mom or dad weren't anything speacial or along those lines, but we were quite ritch thanks to me. And everyone in town knew us. ''I didn't want you to worry.''


''You knew?'' She sounded so broken. Of course she'll be broken. She just found out her son drinks and her daughter knew about it. The voice at back of my mind spoked, rader sarcastacly.


''Yes, but I didn't tell you about it because I knew you'll be worried, plus I prayed that nothing like this would ever happen.'' I paused and leaned into hug her. ''And don't tell me that I didn't do anything, 'cause I did.''


Hugging me back she rested her chin on top of my head. ''What did you do?''


''I told him that it's bad, but he didn't listen.'' I resused her, and we stayed like that for five more minutes, till dad came in the room and suprisingly  he hugged me too. He was never the person who hugged me. 


He was cold as stone, and sometimes I was too. It's just how he raised me. Cold and blood hungry.






"Who's that?" I asked and pointed to the guy who just walked in the class room.     


"I don't know, but word got around that there's newbie I school." Rianna  answered. My eyes never leaving the guy.    


"As long as he isn't interested in boxing I'm good." And with that the bell runged and everyone took there seats, waiting for Mrs Melash to start the class.    


"Good morning class." Soon enough Mrs Melash was standing in front of the class. "For today's lesson I will pare you up and in next three weeks you'll need to work on a project about one famous person."    


Great another project. Turning my head slightly at Rianna I smiled that wicked smile of mine. If I'm doing this I'm doing it with my friend.    


"And I'm sorry, but I'll make the groups." And that's when the nightmare started. As soon as she opened her mouth I'll be in deep shit. No one, besides Rianna, doesn't know I'm Alex Pratole, the famous and undefeated boxer.     


"Alexandra Patrol and..." At this my ears perked up  and I was more focus now. "Justin Bieber." What the fuck? Who's that? Looking over to Rianna, she simply shrugged. Clueless, just like me. "Now you may partner up." Clapping her hands everyone walked over to there partners.    


"You must be Alexandra."     


"It's Alex." I snapped to the guy in front of me.    


"Nice meeting you, Alex. I'm Justin, your partner." Now looking up at the guy, I definited that he's the newbie in school. And he's the one who walked in the class alone.    


"Oh so you're the newbie." He looked like he took double-take when I mentioned he's the new guy. "I can every day, except Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends." With that I stood up and walked past him.    


Meeting with Rianna at the door, she just smirked at me. "So how did it go?"    


I simply shrugged as we walked down the hallway to the cafeteria. "I told him when I can. And guess what?"    




"He's the newbie." After I said that we fell in silence, each of us in our own thoughts. Well that was before someone was calling me from behind. Turning around to see who it is, I rolled my eyes when I saw Kyle. ''Just go, I'll catch up with you.'' I said to Rianna as she nodded and walked away.


''What happened last night?'' Kyle asked, once he reached me.


Laughing, I crossed my arms over my chest. ''You don't know? Of course you don't know! YOU WERE DRUNK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.'' I yelld the last part. Not really giving shit that the students in the hallway are watching and listening.


''Sis, calm down.'' Kyle tryed and failed.


''No.'' I snapped, uncrossing my arms. ''I'm not fucking calming down. Do you know how fucking worried mom was last night?!''


''I'm sorry.'' He cryed out. Yeah, because that's what 18 year olds do.


''Oh,'' I let out a sicking laughed. ''I'm not the one you need to be bagging for forgivness. Mom is. But than again you don't need to rush on that.''


''What do you mean?''


''You're grounded, for whole month.''




''Yeah, you heard me.'' Turning away from him, so my back was againts him. I spoked once before heading for the cafeteria. ''That's what you get for drinking. Oh and by the way I knew that you drink.''


Walking in the cafeteria I got some strainge looks, they probably heard our ''bonding''. Well it's not like we don't love each other. Honestly we're pretty close, but when something like this happenes, well than it's World War III.


And besides, if someoen ticks me off, I can blow up easly. I'm like a time-bomb. That's 'cause dad did everything he could do, just to set me over the edge. He did it because he knew that than I'll hit with all my power. No matter what.


''Alex, here.'' Rianna's voice snapped me out of my daze, and I made my way over to her. Sitting down at the tabel, she pushed a tray of food in my direction. ''I got you're usual.''


''Thanks.'' I smiled in her way and took a bit from my pizza slice. ''So did you hear the shouting that came from me and Kyle?''


''Mmh.'' She nodded her head, chewing on her own slice of pizza. The great thing about Monro High is that the lunch is actuality edible. ''I bet everyone heard.''


''I know that the students in the hallway heard.'' I pointed out the obvious. Once again silence took over us. Rianna is like my only friend in school, and I don't want anyone in her place. She knows every little detail about me, and I know about her.


We're like three musketeers, but we're two or just whatever. Few minutes in the silence, I felt a tap on my left sholder. Swollowing the food I had in my mouth, I turned around, already ready to bash more on Kyle, but I stopped my self. ''Ugh, what do you want?'' I grounded as I looked at the newbie - Justin.


''I wanted to know where do we meet.'' He said, looking down at me, since he was standing and I was sitting. ''You place or mine.''


Not taking any time to think over my answer, I spoked. ''Yours.'' He nodded and so I turned around. After I knew and Rianna knew he was gone, she spoked up.


''Why can't you just go to your house?''


Giving her pointed look, I kept on eating my lunch, when there was only the chocolate pudding left. ''Ri, have you forgot? There's like trophies every where and whatnot.''


''I know.'' She nodded. ''But you could take them off or something.''


''Believe me, dad wouldn't be happy. With all of them out and all over the place - it's like he's showing how amazing Alex is and how proud he is.'' I said loweing my voice to alomost a whipser and referring to my self in tired person.






Once school was over, I took all the needed books (for homework) and shut my locker. Since the pre-lunch drama with Kyle, I haven't seen him. Than again he is one grade above me. But whatever. Turning on my heels I walked down the hallway.


Pushing the big glass door open, I was greeted my the Califonia sun that shone above the horizon. Fixing the books in my arms, I walked down the steps of school and to the parking lot where my lovely car was parked.


Unlocking it, I was ready to get in when someone shouted my name. What's with people and calling my name today? Putting my right leg back on the ground I waited for the person who called my name.


''Alex, wait.'' Damon Lewis, the captain of the football team yelld, running over to me. Oh, yi-pi, I wonder what I did to get his atention. But than again he was friends with my brother.


''What?'' I snapped at him. Why? Because I know he's the one who made my brother drink all this time. It's his fault. If I could I'd kick his ass at this moment, but no, I can't.


''Whoa.'' By now he was right infront of me, and he keep stalling or whatever he's trying to do, I'm gonna be late for practise. ''I just wanted to know where Kyle is.''


''I don't know where the fuck he is. And I'm so freakin' happy that you don't too, 'cause I DON'T want to see my brother drinking or haging with you EVER AGAIN.'' I yelld in his face. Well today is normal, note the sarcasm. ''So why don't you just go play the ball of yours and leave him alone? AND if I ever see you with him, you'll be sorry.''


Actuality laughing in my face, he shook his head. And by now I was fumming with anger, I could feel the blood in my vains boiling. ''What are you gonna do?'' He raised and eye brow at me and the next words that came out of his mouth set me completly over the edge. ''You're just a girl, who can't hit. And even if you can, it's probaly weak ass hit.''


''Oh yeah?'' He nodded. Tillting my head on the side I narowed my eyes at him. ''How about a chalenge?''


''What kinda?''


Smirking on the inside I stood as tall as I could. ''This Friday at the boxing ring. You and me as one of the nighst acts. How about it?''


''And what do I get if I win?''


''Why do you think you're gonna win?'' I raised an eye brow, but didn't let him answer when I spoked up. ''If you win I'll go on date with you. Y'know I heard that you want it, so you'll get it. BUT if I win - you're leaving Kyle and I alone.''


''Deal.'' Shaking my hand with his. He smirked and took a step back. ''Hold on, baby, I'm gonna win.'' With that he turned around and ran back to the football field.


Getting in my car, I pulled out of the parking lot. Already knowing that dad will be pissed, but probaly not if I tell him about this. This is a win, win. I think. But you know whatever. It's not like he'll win me. So that means I don't need to go on date with him.



and on the top alex played but one and only miley cyrus ♡.

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