A woman who can speak with the wind is thrown in the dungeon for speaking of the most dangerous word. Freedom.


2. Escape

"Where in Kenessa are you two going? The cook sent for you just a few minutes ago!" A page calls us back and I sigh. It would be so easy to leave without Fire right now. Just send her with the page and escape myself. Only, that's not how I operate. Since I opened her door she's stuck with me.

"Keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking," I mutter under my breath to her. She frowns but nonetheless keeps her mouth shut. I step forward to speak but East and West wind push me back giving me a warning.

"Really? We were just send by the Queen herself to collect-"

"Flaming oak branches." I cringe at Fire's interjection. Flaming oak branches are rare. So rare, in fact, that no one has seen one since Princess Arianna's disappearance, 14 years ago.

The page frowns but waves us off. As soon as he's gone I turn to Fire and blow a decent sized breeze in her face.

"What was that for?" She questions as if she has no clue. Flames spark at the tips of her fingers but I quickly blow them out.

"Of course! I knew I shouldn't have trusted you to stay quiet. You just can't keep your thoughts to yourself can you?" I interrogate while throwing jabs of wind at her. She tries to defend her face from the blows but fire does nothing on wind. The anger and hate that I've built up against her finally comes out. I don't stop until I hear someone scream "witchcraft".

Immediately my hate turns to fear. Fire and I share a look and we're both sprinting away before anyone gets the chance to follow us. My feet carry me faster and faster and soon I'm racing past Fire. This is a small taste of freedom. This is what I dream it'll feel like once I've left Kenessa. I've always imagined freedom in a certain way. When I get to the brink of the unknown there will be hills that are light green and everything will smell like oranges. Oh how I love the smell of oranges. There will be blue sky as far as the eye can see and a light breeze that tastes of rain. Everything will be perfect when I get there. Not even Fire could ruin that.

" have a game plan right?" Fire interrupts my thoughts impatiently and I'm forced to slow down. Unlike Fire or any other person I can run amazingly fast because I can part the wind out of my way. This sucks for Fire though because she has to try and keep up with me. I almost laugh at her strange running position. It's like she's a horse only without much grace or beauty. She plows forward, panting and gasping for air like a fish out of water. Finally I remember that she asked me a question.

"I'm following the setting sun until I'm out of Kenessa." I feel like there's nothing she can do about it now. It's not like I'm going to change my plans because of her.

"There's said to be nothing out there. No one goes out there and no one comes back." Her warning sounds silly and unthreatening while she tries to keep up with my gazelle like running style. I'm determined to keep my visions of freedom.

"Have you ever thought that maybe the people who leave don't want to come back? Maybe there's something out there that's so great that they never want to return."

"Or maybe it's a deserted wasteland and everyone who leaves gets eaten by little green Martians," Fire mutters under her breath and I roll my eyes at her. I don't believe her. It must be so wonderful that even the King likes it and that's why he rids his kingdom of anyone who speaks of leaving.

"Okay, look, can we stop? I know you could run forever but I am not so fortunate. Please?" Her last word catches me off guard but I figure since we've cleared a considerable amount of distance we can stop for the night.

"Fine but we're leaving at dawn," I agree and she smiles.

"I'll light the fire!"

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