Death Note- the EvoLution (Temporary Title)

So, this is what I'm working on for Camp NanoWriMo. It's a spin off of Death Note, a popular anime/ manga made by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba therefore I own none but the characters I make up and the plot line. The title is sort of a pun. Since this book is about L's back story and his first ever mystery Death Note- the EvoLution suits it really well. ********

Blurb: This novel takes a look into L's first case, the one that started his career. Although, this was probably one of the hardest. It begins when his friend, R, finds a dead woman in one of the basements of Wammy's House. What follows after that was so hectic and strange that I needn't spoil it or bore you with the details.
Oh and this book is narrated by me.
Who's me?
I think it would be more appropriate for you to find out on your own. In fact, I insist you do.


3. 2

L woke up with his head resting on the step. He felt strange since he hadn't slept properly in years. His heavy eye lids made it somewhat hard to peer through the cracked darkness of the room. He rubbed his eyes hoping that they would adjust to the dim light soon. The creature from last night had gone and it seemed to have left a heavy blanket over him so the air was thick and the room felt hollow like an empty void.

“Hey, sleepy-head!” A finger poked him in the head.

L swatted away the hand and glared at R with such ferocity that it could've burned a hole in anything.

“I haven't seen you sleep like that for years,” R grinned. He ruffled L's hair so as to annoy him. “It's almost like you were actually sleepy!”

“Shudup,” L mumbled. He was too tired for this. He wasn't used to having a 'good night's rest'. It was a foreign concept to him and he tended not to be bothered with foreign concepts. “Wait. Where's the dead body?”

R performed an obvious attempt to hold back a teasing comment. “I was so surprised that you didn't notice it when the police came to take it away.”



“They did?”

“Yeah well. I was lying awake all night thinking about it and in the end I needed to tell Watari that there was in fact a dead person in our basement. It was just too much pressure you know? I mean, it was me who wanted to keep it a secret but that was a spur of the moment thing. I wasn't using my head like usual.”

L stared at the empty patch of dull grey concrete where the woman had once filled up. Even if he did fall asleep it was extremely rare of him to not wake up if even the slightest movement occurred. He mustn't have been very well or he was just losing the plot. The plot being, staying alert at all times, taking in everything and observing so as in order to achieve his goal. To become a detective. Yet he'd lost his first chance to the police. What was going on with him? L reeled back slightly. There was this thudding at the back of his brain. Probably stress levels rising. He hadn't felt stress in a while. L had always tried to stay calm in any situation even if it made him seem insensitive because stress made you lose focus and therefore you couldn't concentrate at the problem at hand. “So the body was taken away?” L asked quietly.

R nodded. “Yep. And in all that time you were sleeping like a baby.”

L shook himself. “Right. Well. We need to arrange a few things.”

“Like what? Nothing too elaborate I hope. Did you know that last night while I was realising how guilty I felt about the whole thing I also contemplated how important life is and so I do not intend to spend my whole life here or in jail for that matter mainly because I want to actually do something important with my life and not just be that guy who missed out on so many opportunities yet never had the guts to do it, which is why I decided that if L wants to embark on any life-threatening or career-aspect ruining adventure then I shall declare myself out all for the better future of my own you get what I mean?”

L had never heard a single person say so many words in one sentence that long before. It was commendable indeed, even though he had lost R at the part 'did you know'. L liked to think that, yes, he did indeed know everything and didn't need people telling him otherwise. “It isn't something that will affect your life in any way. Except for your choice of career maybe.”

“Okay. So. What's the plan?”

“We're going to be detectives! Under-cover detectives. All we need is to examine the body and find some clues.”

R folded his arms decidedly and expertly slipped a hand behind L's ear and produced a block of chocolate. “Stole it from Mello. Aren't I such a good friend? For giving you breakfast I mean.”

L took the proffered sweet and stared at it. “You stole this from Mello?”

R nodded. “He got all angry at me but he's eaten a heap already today so I thought I'd do him a favour.”

L looked at the chocolate and then at R and then at the chocolate and then at the furious blonde haired boy storming into R and almost knocking him over.

“Give me back my chocolate NOW!” Mello yelled.

R brushed himself off. “Pardon?”

“I want my chocolate NOW!” Mello demanded. He gave R a forceful shove.

“Calm down. Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.”

This however didn't deter Mello as he continued kicking R's shins and beating his fists against his arms.

“Mello, if you'd just take a moment to be quiet then I shall give you back your chocolate and also involve you in something very important,” L reasoned.

Mello slowly resided his violence and let his hands drop by his side. After a few minutes, when L was absolutely sure that Mello wasn't going to burst into another fit of rage, he carefully handed him the chocolate and took a deep breath. “You're going to help us solve a murder case,” L explained.

“A murder case?” Mello's eyes lit up with the enthusiasm that a young child could muster. “For real?”

L wasn't sure whether Mello was using sarcasm or not. I don't know about you but I can tell that he definitely was not but L is one of those complex characters who seem to lack in their ability of social skills. He hadn't been a fan of sarcasm himself (L, I mean) since sarcasm was just another way to avoid the simple way of stating the truth. It may not have occurred to you yet, dear reader, but L is very fond of sharing his thoughts with you. Many a time as I have watched him he has talked aloud of these things. Now, don't think I'm a stalker, which I'm not, but L is one of the few people who interest me greatly in this miserable reality you call life.

Anyone deemed worthy of my attention should feel honoured. This is not a God-complex and neither do I have a big ego. It just is, which is what makes me think that perhaps I'm so interested in l because we're uncannily similar.

“Yes,” L said slowly after a pause that made Mello's smile falter. “An actual murder case. And you shall help us by being the 'distraction'.”

Mello wasn't sure he liked being called a distraction. He considered the offer carefully. “Alright. But only if you make R promise never to steal my chocolate ever again.”

L nodded. “Now. What I need you to do is convince Watari for us three to go visit the police station. By ourselves.”

“That means without Watari,” R added, teasing Mello as if he wasn't the highly intellectual prodigy he actually was.

“I know what it means!” Mello snapped.

“So you'll do it?” L asked hopefully.


All in all I found this very entertaining. It isn't every day that you see humans being so naïve (or rather, unnaturally naïve). I hadn't set up a I wouldn't call it a trap. More of an unexpected surprise that had caused many a problem thereafter. But it wasn't my fault. As I have said before: I try to avoid humans as much as possible. It's just that L is one of those pesky mortals that can't help getting in my way.


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