Will Someone Bring Me My Lucky Day?


3. shedding some light on the situation

I'm sitting on the edge of the pier staring at the pictures that I had in the binder along with the letters. I sit here and debate wither or not to burn them or not. I mean if I burn them it will help get over him but then again if I burn them I will lose the great memories we made together. I look at them and I pull my lighter out one more time and as I'm about to flick it I hear some coughing not to far from me. I look up and see them all sitting not to far from me and I look up and I look straight into Liam's brown eyes and I look away and look at the ground. I get up and just throw the photos in the bin and I gather my things and I start to run to my jeep about half way there I hear this Irish accent yelling after me and it's saying,

"Hey I'm Niall, I don't know if you want to talk about it but I want you to know that what Liam did is in the past and I am here if you want to talk sometime."

I turn to look at him and I just run up to him and give him the biggest hug I have ever given someone in my life. I take out my phone and hand it to him and it's like he knew to put his number in it. He hands me back my phone and kisses my forehead and I continue going to my jeep.

Niall POV

I'm sitting her listening to this girl read these letters out to herself and I can hear the pain in her voice as she reads each letter. I look at Liam and it's like he came some realization and he coughs and she looks at and looks straight at him and then she looks straight at the ground. She stands up and just throws the binder she was holding in the bin and starts running to her jeep. I look at Liam and say,

"Nice going!"

I start running after her and I yell,


She stops about half way to her jeep while I say,

"Hey I'm Niall, I don't know if you want to talk about it but I want you to know that what Liam did is in the past and I am here if you want to talk sometime."

She turns and looks at me and runs into my arms and gives me the biggest hug I have ever gotten. She takes out her phone and hands it to me and I take it and put my number in it. I hand her back her phone and kiss her forehead and she runs the rest of the way to her jeep.

I walk back over to the guys and I just stare at Liam. He looks at me and says,

"What in the bloody hell was that about?"

I look at him in disbelief and say,

"Well for one, you have to be the lowest type of douche bag if you did that to a girl as lovely as that, two, I happen to think she is a very beautiful girl and she deserves nothing but the best, and lastly, I plan on asking her out sometime after getting to know her and if you don't like that then you can get off your little high horse of thinking I'm the best at everything and I get every girl."

All the guys look at me in disbelief and Liam just storms off towards the van. I'm standing there feeling very proud of myself and I start to walk behind the guys when my phone vibrates. I pull it out and it reads(L-Lilliann N-Niall),

L- Hey it's the Lilliann but you can call me Lilli or Lills your choice anyways I was wondering if you had time to talk?

N-Hey, yeah I have time to talk, are you still here at the beach?

L-Yeah im still here im sitting in my jeep

N-Okay, ill be there in a few :)

I put my phone back in my pocket and catch up with Zayn, Harry and Louis and I tell them that I'll find them later. I head in the direction of Lillis jeep and see her curled up in the backseat and I say,

"You know youre back is gonna be hurting like crazy if you fall asleep like that."

She looks up at me and smiles a smile and says,

"I could honestly care less about my back hurting right now I just need someone who is willing to listen to listen."

I look at her and flash a smile and climb in the passenger seat and she climbs out of the back and climbs into the drivers seat. She starts her jeep up and starts driving away from the beach. After driving for like 2 hours we pull up in front of this huge house. I climb out of the passengers seat and walk around to her door and open it for her. She looks at me then turns to the ground blushing, I turn her face from the ground to look me in the eyes and I say,

"Lilli, I want you to know that I am here for you no matter what the situation."

She looks up at me and flashes me a smile that's suprisingly braces like mine.

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