Will Someone Bring Me My Lucky Day?


4. my little leprechaun

Lilli POV

We get to my house and when we get out of the Jeep we here music blaring loudly from inside. I put my key in the front door and open when I do I hear Sophia's new CD blaring through the house. I walk in to see her on a cleaning spree, she always does this when she's upset or mad about something. I look a Niall and say,

"I'm sorry you have to see here like this. Usually the only time she goes on a huge cleaning spree like this is when she's upset or mad over something. So I'll introduce yall officially later."

I grab his hand and we walk up the stairs towards my bedroom. We walk into my room and I sit down on my bed and Niall sits down in my desk chair. I look up at him and say,

"I don't bite you know that right. You can come sit next to me."

He looks at and says,

"I know you don't bite."

"And plus with you sitting there it makes me feel like I'm back in one of my therapy sessions that I had to go to when I was in rehab." I add.

He looks at me and smiles that big smile and he comes and sits down next to me on my big king size bed. He sots down next to me and I ask,

"So where did you meet LiLi, I mean Liam"

He looks at me and says,

"Well it all started when I decided to audition for the Xfactor."

I smile and say,

"Well we have time to hear the story."

"It's not really that long of a story. I auditioned for Xfactor and made it through to the bootcamp and right before the live shows they decided to put Zayn, Louis, Harry, myself and Liam in a group together at first we were all real hesitant about you at first but then once we got to hanging out and we were more than happy to be together."

I look at him and smile real big and say,

"Well it's good that yall got along. Are you willing to sit through the whole story of Liam and I?"

He looks at me and smiles and I say,

"Well here we go. Back before Liam auditioned for Xfactor we were dating and we were in one of those lovey dovey nothing can beat our relationship relationship and I was head over hills in love with him and then one day I went over and Zayn tried to hide the fact that Liam had another girl over and he's been having another the girl over for a while now. Well I realized that Zayn was a chicken eater and that he liked to draw I made some of my famous baked chicken and took him some new drawing supplies and he opened up like a book and told me everything and it broke my heart and it killed me and I was so out of it and eventually my parents sent me to rehab. I was there on my 16th birthday and Liams 17th birthday and that killed me. But I was eventually released and was able to go home. The letters you heard me reading today on the peir were the letters that I wrote him everyday but never sent. My parents knew that if I stayed in London any longer I would do something stupid but ever since I was sent to rehab they were really distant. It was just with in the last couple of years that they started traveling alot. The reason why I was so upset before the letters was I just found out that my parents died in a plane crash today and I didn't really know how to deal with it at the time when I found out so I went to beach. Like with Sophia and her mad cleaning spree I go to the beach and dance, play guitar, or just walk the beach when I'm upset or mad about something. That's how my sister knew where I was."

He looks at me with hurt in his eyes and pulls me into a hug and we just sit there as I cry into his shirt. I stand up off the bed and go to my computer desk and grab my laptop I pull up twitter. I look at Niall and ask him,

"I've heard all this stuff about twitter, can you help me make one?"

He looks at me and smiles. He takes my laptop off my lap and starts typing away and asks,

"So beautiful what do you want your twitter name to be?"

AN: sorry that it's so short but if you have any advice on what I can put in the story next then feel free to message me anyways much love sunshine!

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