Will Someone Bring Me My Lucky Day?


1. chapter 1

Soph runs into the house screaming something about this new cd she got at the mall. I hear the clink of her heel as she tries to run up the stairs. Next thing I hear is her falling up the stairs. I laugh and think to myself 'going barefoot no problem but when she tries to run up them in wedges she face plants' as I get up to help her. I walk out of my room and get to the stairs and look at her and all I can do is crack up laughing. I walk to her and help her up and finally ask,

"What the bloody carrots are you screaming about?"

She looks at me while trying to catch her breath and says,

"CD! Where is my CD!?"

I look around for it and spot it at the bottom of the stairs. I stand up and walk down them with Sophia following behind me. She picks it up and walks into the kitchen and pops it into the house radio. Music fills the giant house through the speakers, we were able to listen to our music loudly because our parents are rarely ever home. We're dancing around the kitchen when the front door opens. I turn around to see our parents two best friends standing there with the most horrified looks on there face. I hit Soph on the arm to get her to stop dancing she turns around and sees them also. I look at them and ask,

"What are you guys doing here? Where are our parents?"

They look at each other and just gather us in a hug. As soon as they hugged us I knew what happened. They release the hug and look at us with tear stained faces and say,

"Girls, I think you need to sit down we have something to tell you."

We all walk into the big living room and sit down on the sectional. They look at us and start,

"Girls, it all happened so fast. It all started on the way home from our trip to Paris, your parents insisted on leaving and going to Rome but we decided to stay in Paris for a couple more days we got the phone call right as we were about to leave to meet up with them in Rome. Your parents plane had engine trouble when landing and it crashed on landing. The gas tank exploded and there were no survivors. I'm so very sorry girls your parents are dead."

I get up from the couch go grab my car keys from the counter and go and get into my blue mini cooper and pull out of the drive way and I fly down the high way to the nearest beach which is Santa Monica beach. I get there and I get out of my car and lock my phone and ipad in the glove compartment. I run to the same spot I go to every time I come here when I'm upset, it is this secluded spot off under the peir where nobody goes. I'm walking down the beach listening to my ipod when I'm hit the back of the head by a rugby football. I fall to the sand and I pick up the ball and I think 'who plays rugby in the middle of Santa Monica beach???'

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