Dark Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

After the tragic and traumatic event that happened in Harry's life, is he ready to face the real world? Is he ready to forget the past? And will he find someone that can change his life forever? Find out in the new adventure of Jane Harris and Harry Styles in a sweet romance and drama story.


5. Chapter 4

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Today was kindda boring. I didn't listen to the teacher and I'm waiting for the bell to ring to end this boring class. I just continue to read my book and never payed any attention to the class.


I can't resist myself but to look at Harry. He was also... reading. He loves to read? What book is that?




Atlast! The belll rang and I was too excited to go out. The hallway was filled with students and I lost Harry on my sight. 


I was walking along the corridor heading to the cafeteria to get something to eat. The cafe was crowded with students. I scanned the place and I saw The Devil. She was with her minions. They were busy chatting ang flirting with some guy beside them. What a bunch of flirts!


I scanned again the place to see if he was there; and indeed he was there sitting in the corner, all alone without no one to talk to. Maybe I should sit next to him and talk to him? But what if she thinks I'm also one of those girls who seeks attention? Maybe not. 


I lined up and took my order. I looked around to see if there are any available seats but unluckily, there's none. The only vacant was beside Harry's. So I went towards him. 


"Hi, can I seat here?" I asked him and all he did was nod. 


I know it was going to be awkward seating with Harry. No talking and no conversation will be made. But somehow, I feel okay with him. 


I stole glances from him and I noticed he gets his earphones from his bags and he listened to musics on his iPod. I just continued eating until someone interrupted us. 


"Hey Janey! Can we sit here? We are many and you're only one sitting here. You can sit there on the vacant. Thank you!" Nicole beamed at me. Is she for real? What a plastic! 


I know this was gonna happen. She's always in my way in whatever I do. She's nice in front of new people but later you will know, she's a devil inside. And how dare she call me Janey? As if we're close friends. Well, we used to. But not anymore. I don't even know why she's like that. The Nicole I knew was very humble. But look at her now! She feels like she is the Queen Bee in this school. Well, I prefer Queen Bitch. Nicole pleaded and his minions are smiling at me and Harry, waiting for my response. 


"Sure." I stood up and walked away. 


"Thank you Jane." Nicole said. Oh! Such a plastic! They seated beside Harry and  he just remained silent. 


As I'm about to leave the cafe, I heard everyone murmured behind my back. I thought they were talking about me. But when I turned around, I saw one irritated Nicole. I can see that Harry is not there anymore. I saw him from the other side, leaving the cafe.


I was walking along the road and I saw many students along but no sign of Harry. Then, it began to rain. Unluckily, I forgot my umbrella. It was raining hard and the shed is already full. Some are just running to get to their houses. I don't have any choice but to run also. I will just take a bath when I get home. 


As I leave, a black SUV stopped in front of me. I can't identify who's car is this but definitely, it doesn't belong to Zayn. The car opened and I take a look to see the driver. 


"Hop in." the voice is very familiar. It was Harry's. I immediately followed his command and try to dry up myself inside his freshly scented car. It was actually smelled just like him. 


Inside the car was very silent. You can only hear the drops of rain outside until Harry started to talk. 


"By the way, you left this at the cafe." he handed me my book. 


"Thank you." I took the book from his hand and smiled at him. 


"Where's your house?" Harry asked me.


"5th block, 3rd house please." I answered politely and again, with the moment of silece. 


This is just the perfect timing of rain because tomorrow is a no-class day. I just wanted to stay at home, watch movies and eat Cheetos! Ahhh! Perfect! 


"We're here." I was interrupted in my thoughts when the car stopped. Yea, we;re already here. 


"Thanks for the ride." I thanked him and when I was to go out of his car, he called me. 




"Yes Harry?" 


"Goodnight." He said with a sly smile. And with that, he drove off. 


What did just happened? I feel my cheeks are burning at this moment. Butterflies are swarming insed my stomach. His smile. Those dimples, deep dimples are so ... beautiful. Hell! My heart is racing faster. I can't help and I blushed. What's happening to me? It was just a goodnight and smile, I feel my body feels weak right now. 


"It's because you like him!" Yea. My sub-conscious is already awake!


Did I? Ooops. =3 


I stepped inside and and proceeded to take a warm bath. I went downstairs and make myslef a hot chocolate. Mom's not home for tonight because she's busy taking care of patients in the hospital. Yea. My mom's a doctor. And she was busy as a bee. 


Today was great day. I thought of Harry. It just makes me smile everytime. 

I was very tired. So I decided to went upstairs and have a goodnight sleep. 



End of Chapter 4 :)


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