Dark Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

After the tragic and traumatic event that happened in Harry's life, is he ready to face the real world? Is he ready to forget the past? And will he find someone that can change his life forever? Find out in the new adventure of Jane Harris and Harry Styles in a sweet romance and drama story.


4. Chapter 3

Students are like bees in the room. They are busy greeting each other and other are having small conversations while our teacher has not yet arrived.


Me on the other hand just here staying in my seat without talking to anyone because I know they won't even bother. I'm just like a ghost to anyone and I kindda like it. I just opened my book, TFIOS and started reading, ignoring everyone around me until a certain someone had interrupted me.


"Hey babe! How are you?" a familiar voice greeted me.


I was shocked upon hearing those words. Is he for real? Why can't he just leave me alone?

I tried to look up to reply there he is, standing in front of me with a huge smirk plastered on his face. This jerk had always teased me ever since I went to this school anytime and up until now, he always do the same irritating thing.


"What do you want monster? And stop calling me babe!" I replied irritatingly.

"You still love me." he teased and I can see he's still smirking. I just stared at him blankly.

"Whatever! Just leave me alone, Zayn!" I simply replied and he finally retreated.


Zayn Malik is the school's popular playboy/bad boy/heartthrob. He had this sexy black hair, hypnotizing eyes, face that is like a Greek God that is perfectly shaped. He's is very popular especially in the girl's population. But I have to admit, he's really handsome though. Every girl is crazy about him but for me, he's just another stubborn, arrogant and irritating jerk!


The bell rang signaling for class and I noticed the teacher had already arrived. Everyone goes back to their seats and we started the class.


"Goodmorning class!" Mr. Richard started. "So how's everyone? And good news, we had a new student here. Can you please stand up." Mr. Richard politely asked and someone spoke aloud.


"Me sir."


We looked back and it's him. He finally spoke up. He stood up and puts down his earphones and uncovered his head with his hoodie and fixed his hair.


"Will you please introduce yourself?" Mr. Richard asked him and he just nodded.


"I'm Harry Styles." he introduced himself simply as that and he takes his seat.


"Thank you, Mr. Styles." our teacher politely said and we started the class.


I looked at him once again. So, he's Harry. Upon hearing him speak, all I can feel within his voice is coldness. It's like he's broken or something.


I looked at him once again and he caught me! Oh my gosh! That was embarrassing. I felt my face brighten up with redness and I just diverted my attention back to out teacher and ignore his stares.


Oh hell that was a close one!



End of Chapter 3 :)

Sorry if I have short chapters :) Happy reading! ^_^


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