Dark Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

After the tragic and traumatic event that happened in Harry's life, is he ready to face the real world? Is he ready to forget the past? And will he find someone that can change his life forever? Find out in the new adventure of Jane Harris and Harry Styles in a sweet romance and drama story.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 :) 

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As I'm heading towards my room, I passed by the registrars office to get my class schedule. As I get my schedule and room number, I was about to leave when I saw the least person I wanted too see today. 


There she is! My ex-best friend who's like giving me death glares and she's with her army. She is the captain in the cheering squad. She thinks she's loved by all by all people in the school even though her attitude sucks! She thinks she can control all students in the school. She's now popular in this school! And she is my best friend before and I thought she is but behind that fake facade, she's one hell of a friend. She's no other than Nicole Sherman. 


"Get out of my way you freak!" She yelled at my face and her friends chuckled in. I started to walk out when she grabbed my arm. "We're not finished here. Wait until you experience another hell life again." she chuckled and walked past me followed by her little minions.


I continued to waled towards the other building where my room is located and to get away from those war freaks. As I walked faster, I didn't look at the pathway so I suddenly bumped at someone.


I saw papers fell down the ground and I picked those up.


"I'm really sorry. It was my fault I wasn't looking to where I'm going. I really am---"

As I looked up, I was out of words when I saw the person standing in front of me. It's him! The mysterious guy from this morning that helped me.


"Uh, Hi. I'm sorry. Here." I stuttered as I said those words and I handed him his papers. He looked at me curiously and didn't say a word. Now he's leaving. He's heading the wrong way. I saw his schedule and we are in the same class. Then, I called his attention.


"Hey wait!" I shouted and he's still ignoring me. What's up with him?


"Wait! I can see that we're in the same class and you're heading in the wrong way. Wanna come with me?" He stopped at his steps. He turned around to face me. He walked inches towards me and now, we are facing each other closely. He stood in front of me without saying anything. He just stared at me and waited for my response. So, I finally spoke up.


"Let's go. That way." I pointed the direction for him and we walked together awkwardly. As we are walking, all he did was look down of look around him without him saying anything at all. Can't he speak?


"By the way, I'm Jane Harris. You're new here right?" I tried to ask him but this time, all he did was nod at my question.


We finally arrived at our room. Students are busy with whatever business they have with each other while the teacher has not yet arrived.


I didn't mind those people and I just continued with my seat, leaving the guy behind.



End of Chapter 2 :)



Heyow! It's been a long time. Just be patient okay? We don't currently have internet at home so I have a hard time uploading this. But here's Chapter 2! So what do you think?

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PS. Sorry for grammatical errors. (if there are any) I'm trying, okay? I'm just new to this :) So bear with me. Hihi. Luff you all! :*




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