Dark Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

After the tragic and traumatic event that happened in Harry's life, is he ready to face the real world? Is he ready to forget the past? And will he find someone that can change his life forever? Find out in the new adventure of Jane Harris and Harry Styles in a sweet romance and drama story.


2. Chapter 1

Jane's POV* 

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I was still snoring under my sheets in the morning when I suddenly heard my mom from downstairs shouted. 


"Jane! Wake up! You're gonna be late for school." 


Whether I want it or not, school is back. My definition of hell for the past years. Even I don't want to go to school today, I still have to because I have no choice. It either I will go or my mom will kill me. 


Feeling sleepy, I crawl out of bed and take my morning routines. I take a refreshing shower and died my hair. I put on my comfortable dress and tied up my hair and put a small amount of make up that matches my outfit. I packed my stuffs and proceeded downstairs. 


When I went down, I saw mom cooking my favorite breakfast; Pancake. 


"You ready for today?" My mom asked me while giving me my share. 


"Sort of." I replied to her with a little sadness in my tone. 


"Don't worry honey. It will be just fine." my mom smiled. 


I really admired my mom. She stood strong for me ever since my father died in an accident of saving lives of many people in the burning apartment. He was once a fireman and my hero. And I'm very proud of my dad. My mom became a doctor at night time to earn extra income. She was really a great, loving and supporting mother and I'm very lucky to have her.


I looked at my watch and it's already 7:30am. I hurriedly finished my meal, brushed my teeth and went out. 


"Goodluck sweetie. Have a nice day!" my mom smiled at me and waves her hand to say goodbye. I smiled back and retreated. 


I left the house and started to walk in a short distance where the bus's stops. I hopped in the bus and find my seat. As I'm about to take my seat, I saw many students. Students that I know and met from last year. Until one guy that looked different and new among the rest.


I didn't mind the guy and continued to my seat. I put out my earphones and listened to random songs as we have our ride to school. 


As we arrived, many students came down the bus. I got up and my notebooks fell down the floor. I picked them up one by one and I noticed someone is helping me. And it was the unknown guy. 





When I looked up to thank him, I was stunned to see his face. He was wearing all black. From his shirt, leather jacket, pants and shoes, everything he wears is black. He had this seductive curly hair, deep dimples on cheeks and pale creamy skin. And his green emerald eyes is staring into my brown ones. To be honest, this guy is breath-taking! 


I was lost at my thoughts and when I came back to reality, the guy was already leaving. I hurriedly got up and fixed my dress and went down the bus. I was searching for the guy in the crowd but he was already gone. I haven't even had the chance to say thank you or even ask his name. All I did was to stare at the sexy human being in front of me. 


I went inside the campus and I stopped for awhile looking the place around me. I saw same people, teachers, and students from last year. I hope that this school year will be peaceful unlike last year. 


Hopes up Jane. You can do this! 


I whispered to myself ignoring the people around me and I proceeded to my room. I'm ready to have a brand new school year. 



End of Chapter 1 :) 



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