Missing Part of Me

Pewdiepie might have had thousands of subscribers,but he felt as if a part of him was missing. Then one day he saw the missing part. Walking out a clothing store he saw a beauty with long brown hair.


2. Chapter. 2


Chapter two

       Felix P.O.V                                                                                                                                             

    After eating and paying I decide to go for a walk. Going past the normal clothing stores, not really paying attention since all was of the usual, I caught a sight of long light brown hair. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered her if I saw her before I thought to myself. Not noticing where I was going I bumped into her causing her to drop some of the bags she was holding. "Sorry," I say picking up her stuff ,"I was in my own world." She giggled, "It's okay," she said. She was about to say more when her friend practically jumped on her back,"Hey that's PewDiePie," her friend said,"I'm Daizo and this is Marzia!" "Hey, nice to meet you guys. Well, I got to go talk to you later, maybe." I turned and left. Smirking.


     Marzia P.O.V                                                                                                                                            

     I came out of the bathroom finding Daizo looking through my shopping bags. "Marzia! Look at this! You are so lucky!" She yelled."What?" I asked with a questioning look on my face. "Look." She handed a small piece of paper. It read:

Call me sometime. Love to get to know you more.

-Felix (A.K.A PewDiePie)

   Then his number. I blushed at the thought of me meeting him again.




            Well hope you enjoyed that chapter! Since this is my first movella I would love some criticism in the comments below. Remember to fan, like, and comment! And goodbye!

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