Baby horan

Summer underwood was a normal 17 year old with a normal life until she secretly entered in a club and had sex with Niall Horan . That's. Right THE NIALL HORAN FROM 1D. 3 weeks later she realizes she is pregnant with niall's baby


9. chapt.8 ~ gender

sum POV

After our pool party I went to shower . Then I went to sleep .

*3 Am*

I was sleeping until I felt someone playing with my hair . I turned .it was Niall .

Niall-sorry . Didn't mean to wake you up .

Sum - what are you doing ?

I checked my phone 4:00 AM .

Niall - I wanted to see you sleep .

Sum- why ?

I'm confuse .he shrugged .

Niall - can I sleep with you ?

What the hell ?

Sum- uh sure .

Then we went to sleep .

* next morning *

Niall was still sleeping when I got up . He was cute when he was sleeping . I went downstairs and got an apple . Claire came downstairs .we were the only two up .

Sum-what do you want to do ?

Claire -prank boys ?

Sum- yeah ! Right now because at 3 we'll gonna find out the gender .

Claire - can't wait ! Good thing it's 9 am .

Sum - ok on the prank we get all the things that the boys love and are scared .

We got all the food and hid it Claire's room because niall's in my room . We got all the mirrors and hair supplies of zayn . We quietly put spoons all around liam .we toke Harry's 3 phones .and drew on Lou's face .

We sat at the couch watching tv when we heard liam scream like a girl . We giggled and high fived


Them was Lou .

Lou - wth ! Who drew my face ?!

We heard Lou yelled that upstairs in the bathroom.

Next zayn



Harry - forget that someone took my phones !

Niall came downstairs .

Niall- these boys are such babies .

He went to the kitchen and yelled

Niall- NOOO ! THE FOOD !

Claire and I quickly ran to her room and laughed our heads off .then we heard banging at the door .

We're caught !

Sum- who is it ?

Harry - give me my phone back !

Niall - FOOOD !


Claire - nope ( pop p )

They groaned .

Niall- I will break this damn door !

Sum- what's the magic word ?

The boys - please ?

Claire - ok .

She opened the door . They got all there stuff and left . Meanwhile me and Claire laughed our head off .

* at the hospital *

Liam - you ready ?

Sum- yes I'm excited .

Doc- summer underwood ?

I went to the doctor . Me , Claire ,& John were the only one aloud in there .

Doc - well you'll be having a baby girl ans boy ! They are twins ! Congrats !

I was happy and speechless .when we got out

Niall - well .

Sum - a baby girl ... And a baby boy ... They're twins

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