Baby horan

Summer underwood was a normal 17 year old with a normal life until she secretly entered in a club and had sex with Niall Horan . That's. Right THE NIALL HORAN FROM 1D. 3 weeks later she realizes she is pregnant with niall's baby


28. chapt.25~ Claire Skyping Harry

Claire's POV

I decided to Skype Harry . I have been missing him .

I called him and he picked up .

" hey love" I heard his raspy voice and see his angel face

" hi Harry "

" how you doing ?"

" great . But missing you "

" I miss you too babe "

" so what have you and the boys been up to ?"

" just at tours, meeting our fans ,& hanging out ."

Good thing he comes back in a month

" I gotta go babe . I'll call you later "

" okay Harry . Bye !"

" bye "


Sorry it's short but I have to sleep and sorry I haven't updated :(

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