Baby horan

Summer underwood was a normal 17 year old with a normal life until she secretly entered in a club and had sex with Niall Horan . That's. Right THE NIALL HORAN FROM 1D. 3 weeks later she realizes she is pregnant with niall's baby


21. chapt.18~ I love you

Summer's POV

We went inside the house

Niall - guys we have news !

Claire , Liz ,Amanda ,louis ,zayn ,& liam came downstairs

Amanda - what's the news ?

Sum- well . Me and Niall are now engaged .

The girls screamed and came running to me .

Liz- congrats girl !

Claire - ahh so happy for you !!

Liam - congrats guys ! Wine for celebration ?

Sum- have you forgotten that I'm pregnant ?

Liam - I was just kidding .

I gave him a playful punch .

Me and the girls when upstairs

Amanda - when will you guys get married ?

Summer - I think we should get married when the babies are 7 months born .

Liz - exalent choise !

Claire giggled .

Claire - congrats girly !

Summer - thanks .

* later that night *

" Niall ?" " yeah" "I love you " he smirked " love you too " he kissed my nose .

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