Baby horan

Summer underwood was a normal 17 year old with a normal life until she secretly entered in a club and had sex with Niall Horan . That's. Right THE NIALL HORAN FROM 1D. 3 weeks later she realizes she is pregnant with niall's baby


13. chapt.10~ the nursery

a/n the winner is ... amandaaa2468 !!!!!

Congrats Amanda !


Sum- now can I looked ?

John - alright alright ! You been an annoying sister you know ?

Sum-yeah yeah !

Claire - cover your eyes first .

Sum - ok !

I closed my eyes . I heard the door .

Sum- cAn I look now ?

Liam - hold up .

I heard the curtains open .

Harry - now

I opened my eyes . The room ... Wow ! It was an aqua green color . The cribs . Rocking chair . A shelf full of books and baby toys . The closet was filled with the baby clothes .

Zayn - well ?

Sum - it's its ... I love it !

I turned to the boys and Claire .

Sum - oh my god thank you so much !

I hugged each of the boys , including Niall , and Claire .

Lou - you're welcome Sum .

* two weeks later *

I'm now 7 months .

I heard a knock at my door . I opened it . Niall .

Niall - hey can we talk ?

Sum - sure come in

He came in and sighed

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