Baby horan

Summer underwood was a normal 17 year old with a normal life until she secretly entered in a club and had sex with Niall Horan . That's. Right THE NIALL HORAN FROM 1D. 3 weeks later she realizes she is pregnant with niall's baby


6. chap.6~ skype call

*1 week later *

Summer POV

Sum- hey hazza

Harry - hello .

Zayn- vas happenin'

Sum- hey zayn

Harry - how's the baby ?

Sum- ok .hows the tour ?

Zayn - great . 2 more conserts and then we have a long break . Which it's good . Because then we get to move to the house .

Sum - I'm so excited !

Me and the boys were on Skype .

Lou- ello !

Sum- hey ! Where lili ?

Harry - at the kitchen with Niall

Sum- how's Niall ?

Lou- I really don't know .

Sum- oh

Zayn tried to change the subject .

Zayn - any names .

Now that he mention it I don't know .

Sum- I haven't thought of names yet .

I heard liam gasp . Then his face was at the screen .

Liam- what ?!

Zayn - Liam get your face off.

Zayn slapped liam . I giggled .liam slapped zayn head .

Zayn - ouch man that hurts .

Liam- your not the only one that feels pain .

Louis chucked .

Lou - pain .

Pain and payne ! Haha !

Sum- got to go boys .

Liam - ok bye !

After the skype call I went to take a walk . After the walk I been think " what should I name the baby ?" If it were boy then ... I don't know . Niall and I ... Why would I need to talk about this ? He doesn't care ! Claire came .

Claire. - hey !

Sum - hey !

Claire - any names ?

Sum- nope

Claire - you should talk to Niall -

Sum- Niall wouldn't care Claire .

Claire - maybe he does .

Sum - maybe

Will he care for the baby ?

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