Baby horan

Summer underwood was a normal 17 year old with a normal life until she secretly entered in a club and had sex with Niall Horan . That's. Right THE NIALL HORAN FROM 1D. 3 weeks later she realizes she is pregnant with niall's baby


5. chap. 5~ sad time

(A/N summer is 2 months pregnant now )

Summers POV

2 months later

Niall is still upset and the boys are helping with the pregnancy . The boys and I will get a house . They don't want me to know what house we will leave in . They say it's there gift for me and the baby .

Niall - you should have an abortion . You know ? Or else you will live in a shitty life .

I rolled my eyes

Niall - do you want to ?

He said calmly . Actually I really don't know

Sum -honestly I don't know .

I sighed . Niall walked away .

Niall POV

Maybe we should keep the baby... Niall ! What are you saying !? You can't keep the baby ! You just can't Niall !

Summer POV

Should I keep the baby ? I really don't know .In my mind was abortion . Louis came

Lou- hey sum . How you doing ?

Sum - do you think I should have an abortion ?

Lou- If you want the baby you can keep the baby . If not the yeah .

Sum- if this was your baby what would you do ?

Lou - keep it .

He smiled . Niall came . He seem furious . He walked out . Strange .

Niall POV

I'm jealous ! I admit !

Summer POV

I went to my room . I stared at the ceiling . I get a call

Man - is this summer underwood and john underwood .

Sum- hold for a moment please .

Man - of couarse

I yelled john's name . He came in my room . I put speaker .

Sum- hello ?

Man- hello . Summer and john .

Sum - yes

Man- your mum and dad died in a car accedient . I'm really sorry .

I hung up . And cried .john hugged me and kissed my hair .

* the next day *

Niall- hey .

Sum- hi

Niall- I heard what happened . I'm really sorry .

I staid silent .

* 6 weeks later *

I grabbed my car keys .

Claire - where you going ?

Sum- visit my parents

Claire - ok . Tell them I said hi .

I nodded . I went to the cemetery

Sum- hi mum hi dad . Just wanted to tell you that i miss you an that I love you so much . I never told you that I'm pregnant . Sorry . I know you probably hate me now . Claire says hi . Love you and so does john .hope god takes care of you

I left a bouquet of flowers for them.

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